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Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer...a Time Gone By

Oh where, oh where did the summer go!!!

 In one sense I feel like it flew by and I missed it...

(like this sleeping cutie on one of our many road trips)

In another sense it feels like we have been going and going

and have raced circles around that old energizer bunny!!  

(or cow for our observance of Cow Appreciation Day at Chic-fil-a)

I've realized that I haven't even gotten the good camera out for most of the summer...
so I am thankful for my three kiddos and their love of silly cell phone shots!!

On the road again, corky sibling fun!!

Girly bonding

our son found ways of placing his remote control helicopter
in unforeseen places:)

 There has been a little summer shopping...


 and littles lovin'.

We have been to museums

You can dress us up...

but take us out at your own risk:)

We have visited with dear friends...

And horsed around!!

We have a new found LOVE of fishing...

and learned how to put up a new (to us) tent.

We have discovered a checker addiction...

and may have eaten too many s'mores:)

We have preserved a fire in the rain...

and confirmed that we are able to make the best of a difficult situation.
(the new to us tent is NOT waterproof)

We have discovered new methods for drying out gear...

even if it looks like she is driving a team of horses:)

Mélika and I spend a week loving on 48 sweet treasures from our 
county foster system
at a FABULOUS summer camp!!!
This merits it's own blog post but I am still a bit emotional to compose it.

So for now...Mélika's "construction boots" from the drama she took part in during the week 
will have to peek your interest:)

 We have filled the fridge with art work...

And tried new recipes.
(Our oldest found a banana egg pancakes recipe and put it to the test)

Mélika and I had a VERY adventurous overnight 
wait to register her for dual enrollment classes at a local community college.  
(that is worth it's own post as well but I will leave it at 

Someone over here had another birthday come around...

and we made more new friends!!

In retrospect...
I surely didn't sleep through the summer!
Nope, we took summer by the horns and enjoyed every last moment of it!!