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Friday, January 4, 2013

TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!

My heart is overflowing with thanksgiving and excitement!!

We are just  2 WEEKS away from travel to the Philippines!!!!

How do you put emotions into words when you have been waiting so very long, 
when God has walked you through EVERY SINGLE up and down,
when you are soon to wrap you arms around your "baby boy"??

How do you begin to express your joy over your family of 4... becoming a family of 5??

How can I adequately express my mama's heart when my son tells me  
"I love you mommy, I am ready to come home" over Skype??

How can I express my gratitude to the many that have walked this journey with us...
praying, encouraging, rejoicing, and crying with us??

How do I begin to thank my heavenly father for putting adoption on our hearts, 
and leading us to the son HE hand picked for our family??  

All I can say is...