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Monday, November 19, 2012

God's Timing

If you have already walked or are in the process of walking the adoption road, 
you are very familiar with the waiting game.  

Many good things in life require waiting.  
But there is something so very raw when it comes to waiting for children.  

Some have experienced loss of a child and/or infertility.  
Some have experienced being matched only to have the adoption fall through.  
And sometimes it is just the raw feeling of lost time.  
(the feeling of urgency to get your loved treasure into a loving family 
and not have them spend another day in an institution or foster home.)

Whatever the circumstances....waiting for children is just plain hard!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been told, "Oh dear, you are pregnant!" 
(meaning you are adopting)

And all I want to do, with my sweetest smile in place, is say, "Yes, I have been pregnant for almost three years now... I am ready for the 'pregnancy' to be over!!"
A gal can take just so such false labor and muscle ache:)

But the truth remains.  God's timing is perfect!  

I have been guilty of saying that we are "experiencing delays" throughout this journey.  

It was gently brought to my attention again this week that there are no DELAYS in God's plan.

My timeline has been changed, disrupted, and delayed.

BUT God's timeline is still running strong and will arrive right on time!!

We have been praying and believing for our sweet boy to be home by Christmas.

We serve an amazing God that has Aaron's (and our) best interest at heart.

NOTHING is impossible with God and HE is more than able to grant us the desire of our heart!

The only thing remaining for Aaron to come home is a medical and visa appointment.
But we have learned throughout this journey that the timing is NOT in our hands.

I keep saying that we are so very close that I can taste the Lumpia (Filipino spring rolls).

No matter the day or hour of our travel...We know that our heavenly Father has it all orchestrated for HIS plan and purpose.

And Then She Was Twelve

When did it happen?  

This gorgeous little pumpkin,
seen here on her forever family day (when her adoption was finalized) in 2006... 

 turned 12 years old!!

As much as I would love to keep her young, 
she is determined to grow up and blossom into a beautiful young lady!!
(she doesn't wear glasses...they are purely for the fashion factor)

Because I have been sick she told me that I could simply make a box cake this year.  

I said, "Bite your tongue sweet girl...
no sickness is going to convince me not to make you a homemade cake!"

I was relieved that she was not looking for a cake boss knock off this year:)  

She settled for a simple red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  
And there were sparklers and horses for an additional flare!

Happy Birthday baby girl!!  
May you draw closer to your heavenly father with each passing year!!

Over due approval announcement!

I was out of commission for two weeks with a sinus infection.  
Yep, this stubborn gal waited 12 days before seeing a doctor:)  

But in the midst of it all...God blessed our socks off!!

On Tuesday, November 6th, something spectacular happened!!

We had been waiting nearly two weeks for the additional document 
requested by our immigration officer.  
You remember...the one needed to have I800 visa clearance...

The document was requested but not a word was heard in that two week period of time.  
On November 6th I decided to call our immigration officer to see if the ICAB may have wired the needed document directly to them. 

When I called I learned that nothing was wired.

But then something miraculous happened!!!
The kind officer on the other end of the phone line put me on hold...for quite some time.  
This mama was praying and praying as I waited:)

A few minutes later the officer informed me that she could approve our I800!!! realize that this was AGAIN completely orchestrated by God.  
I felt very strongly that I needed to call that evening...
had I not called the officer would not have taken a second look at our file...
no new documents were sent...but we still got approved!!!


HE is our grace extending, 
mountain moving, 
blesses beyond what we could ask or imagine
kind of Father!  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Catching Up!

Much has happened in these parts over the past several weeks.  

Our 11th grader has been doing a science course online so she is usually on the home computer...therefore, my posts have been few and far between!!  

Let me give you a catch up of our month in photos:)

We were blessed with tickets to the NC State Fair!  We are all critter lovers!!!

And the oldest KID of the family enjoyed some bumper cars with our youngest daughter.

We worked on a care package for Aaron...

And Kylee practiced her super hero drawing skills.  
I am sure Aaron will love her Hulk!!

There has been baking...

And posing.

Hubby was on a business trip in CA and met this renowned athlete...
Yep, I have no clue who he is:)

 We attended a FABULOUS fall fair at our church...

The cowgirls

The oldest

It was a knock down battle to the end:)

We had an Ulta experience 

Spent time horsing around

And lived through the coldy cold cold winds brought on by Sandy... 

 But it is never too cold to love on some barn friends!

We were also blessed to go to Defy Gravity with one of my high school friends and her boys!!

Add some priceless moments skyping with a certain Filipino cutie,
much school work,
rockin' for Jesus through kidz worship,
and MUCH prayer for God to move mountains for a pesky document.

Yep, we have had a fun-packed, priceless month!!