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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God's Handprints

God is sooo very faithful!!

I truly cannot say enough about how very thankful we are for God's grace, provision, and guidance throughout this journey!!

We see HIS hand prints on the little details, and the earth shattering miracles.
Each and every day we are in awe of HIS goodness!!

We are still in need of finances to bring Aaron home.  
We have been in the grant application stage.  
We do not qualify for some adoption grants because hubby is not a US citizen...yet.  
And some grants have deadlines that have passed.  
Currently we are trying to move mountains to get three grant applications in by the end of the week.  
We have had some challenges and set backs but we are praying to have the documents needed to overnight the applications before their deadlines.  

But, in the midst of it all, I see HIS handprints.  

It was confirmed today that Stéphane's fingerprints, that were already on file, can be used for our US immigration form!  That is an answer to prayer.  

We have had dear friends and our pastor produce reference letters in record breaking time so our applications can be sent this week!!

We are working with a WONDERFUL adoption agency that not only has a heart for children and families, but responds to my endless questions with extreme patience and kindness.  

They also worked quickly to produce the needed documentation required for our grant applications.

But... there is something else that blessed my socks off...
Three staff members, that I know of, have shared our give1save1 video on their personal social network accounts.  They didn't have to do is not part of their job!  
I see this as a complete tribute to their heart for the children and families they serve.  

We learned that if folks go back to the blog page with our give1save1 video, donations can still be made to our account by clicking the DONATE HERE button under our video.  
(Please note that if the large donate button is used on the sidebar...
funds will go to the current fundraising family...not us) additional $70 came in this week from the video!!  
God is continuing to bless us even after our featured week is over!!!

ALSO...Yep...there is more:)
God has opened doors to network with other adoptive families that have brought children home from the Philippines.  We learned of three different families today alone!! 

We are still praying to be able to travel with our new friends from PA that are adopting a beautiful little boy from Aaron's orphanage.  

God has all that in HIS capable hands as well!!

Makin' Memories

I can truly say that I have never experienced a summer so very busy!!  

We are going to get it all out of our system before our sweet boy comes home and we settle into our new normal.  

This past week my sister and her two youngest children came for a visit.  

The cousins had much fun together...and the adults...well, game on!!

Something all our children have in common is the love of horses!!  

They worked together

And rode together in NC.

some rode bare back...

one rode English... 

and one rode Western.  

 Ok...this one cracks me up!!

THEN...auntie blessed my baby girl and took her back to PA for a special visit while Mélika works on fundraising and last minute training for her missions trip to Venezuela!!

The girls got to ride together once again.

The cool northern weather could not stop them!!

Last one in is a rotten egg....

...or just a little cold:)

Priceless moments...God has so richly blessed us!!  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Catching UP!!

Good morning!  

I know I have been slacking in the blogging department...
but hang in there...God is movin' and shaken'!!

First of all...
Our yard sale/fundraiser this past Saturday was a HUGE success!!!

We had curbside advertising...

A smiling bake sale attendant...

And so many fabulous items to sell!

WE MADE $1,063    

to all who donated, baked, helped, and bought!!

Through the Give1Save1 video and the yard sale...

God provided $6,363 in the last TWO WEEKS!!!  
To say that we are super excited would be a complete understatement!!!

  We still need $4,167 when our referral comes in but my heavenly father knows exactly where that is coming from!!!!

Sunday was Father's Day!!!

I am so very blessed to have a wonderful Father!!  I wish we lived closer and could spend more time together...but I treasure our visits and phone calls when I can get them.  We had a fabulous visit from my parents recently.  Unfortunately we didn't take many photos.  

But I can tell you that this....

 provoked a response of this...

It is all good dad!  My baby girl is doing great behind the wheel!!

God has also blessed me with a fabulous husband/partner/best friend!  
He is such a loving husband and father!!!!  
What a blessing to raise children with this man of mine!!!!

For Father's Day we took him out to celebrate southern pig!!

We also got him a cool shirt that says "Real Men Defend the Fatherless"

We learned Monday that a new law in the Philippines COULD push our travel date back to Christmas or January!!!!  

Friends...that information was very difficult for this mama to hear!!  

Not only is it difficult to wait, but if you remember, we were expecting to travel last Christmas for the twins in Oklahoma.  
It makes me physically sick to think about the idea of waiting through Christmas again. 

I have to remember that EVERY detail of this process is in God's capable hands 
and it will all work out according to HIS PLAN!!

Hubby and I went to our local immigration office this morning for fingerprints.  
It is required for the crucial document that will make all the difference in our timeline!!

Unfortunately because of an error I made earlier, hubby didn't have the needed appointment form to get his done.  

We prayed much before and during the appointment.  

After it looked like we would not be able to get his fingerprints...we learned that the ones he had done for his recent green card renewal should still be valid!!!

Please join us in prayer that the prints will be valid, they will make their way to mine and our document, and that we will get our needed approval SOON!!!!

God continues to teach me patience and reliance on HIM every step of this journey!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Praising in the Bustle

It has been a whirlwind of activity over the last several weeks in our home!  You know it is bad when your happy go children, who love activity, tell you that it is too much and time to slow down.

In all of the bustle I neglected to share a huge praise report!  

$5,300 came in through give1save1!!!!!

to all who prayed, shared, and gave donations!!!!

God is so incredibly faithful and we are simply speechless!!!!

I have another sweet story I must share...
We have some dear friends that live in another state.  When their 11 year old daughter saw our video she wanted to do something.  Her parents had already supported us in our fundraising efforts.  But this sweet gal watched the totals change over the week and was compelled to action.  

This past weekend she had a lemonade stand and bake sale.  She was set up and outside at 
6:00am on a Saturday!!!

She was so very excited to call me and share that she made 
$100 in a few short hours!!!

Thank you sweet girl!!!!  
We are so blessed by your heart and willingness to take action!!!  

We are having an adoption yard sale this Saturday as well.  If you are in the area...please stop by
520 Bouree Circle, Raleigh 7am-3pm

If you are not in the area...please pray that God will continue to move mountains and provide!

This week our entire family, minus a certain 12 year old boy we can't wait to bring home, 
volunteered at our church's VBS - BABYLON!!

Stéphane played Ashpenaz (friend of Daniel) in bible adventures, 

Mélika, Kylee and I were on the worship team,

and Mélika worked at the missions booth in the market place.  

Today is our last day to share the love of Jesus in Babylon!  
But in the weeks ahead we will be doing local and foreign missions with precious littles!!
What a blessing it is to serve!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Today is the last day that our adoption video will be live on

I do not have words to express how extremely blessed we have been by the outpouring of love and support from those we know, and many we have never met!!!  


If you have not watched our have 8 1/2 more hours to fit it in!  
Just click the give1save1 button above.  

Would you also please consider posting or reposting the link to our video today?

We have raised $4,745 in the past week!!!!  

Would you help us get closer to our goal?

God has grown a love in our hearts for a sweet boy that needs to come home!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moving mountains

We are so extremely blessed by the outpouring of encouragement, love, and support we have received since our adoption video was posted on give1save1 on Thursday morning!!!



to all who have prayed, donated, and shared our story with others!!!

We need $10,000 to move forward.  

We know God has called us to this sweet boy and are anxiously awaiting for mountains to be moved and to share the miraculous testimony of God's tremendous power!!

If you have not yet watched our video...please do so!!


And, please consider sharing the link with your family and friends!!!  

Our video and account will be live until about 8AM Thursday morning (June 7th).  
At that time a new family will be featured.