Growth...of our our walk with all things to worship HIM!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


My most sincere apologies!!!!

I dropped the ball...

and didn't keep ya'll updated with the most spectacular news!!!!
(In my defense, I had a house full of people for the week and we were celebrating over here!!)

Monday morning, September 24th, we learned that we were officially matched and that we


In adoption speak that means that we have passed the biggest hurdle, and can now countdown to bringing our son home!!

NOW, we wait for his documents to arrive so we can apply for his visa, then there are a few hoops on the Philippines side....THEN WE TRAVEL!!  

We have been told it usually takes 3 months from receiving the documents to travel.  


Our agency has tried to give us a very realistic timeline and have told us that more than likely we will not be able to travel for Aaron until January because of offices being closed for the holiday, and the ICAB has been taking much time lately to forward the needed documents.

I am thankful that they provide honest, realistic information...

but this mama is going to continue to pray for favor and miracles!!!!  


But, of course our heavenly father knows ALL of this and will do what is best for all involved!!!

So what else has been keeping us busy???

Well, we ran a 5K for Compelled by Love
 to raise money to help free girls and women from human trafficking
(we all finished... but some of us were VERY sore that night and the next day!!
I guess this old lady should try training next time:)

We had a great week with my parents, sister, and niece...

and as always...there was much horsing around!!

Lovin' on barn kitties...

And a certain pampered pooch found a way to stay on grammy's lap most of the week:)

 Last night we were very challenged at a missions banquet 
by guest speaker Dick Brogden, author of the Live Dead Journal!!  
And that would be a whole different post:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

16 years

Where has the time gone!  

It is as if I blinked and my chubby cheeked baby

had her first birthday

comforted a brother

developed a love of art

had her first dance class

rode her first bike

 embarked on her first day of school

her first opportunity to step out for those without a voice

welcomed a sister

developed a heart of praise

a love of books (the Philly Library was closed)

 a love of critters

especially the fluffy kind:)

 a love of music

 a love of sharing Jesus with littles

a love of God's word

a love of sleep:)

a heart broken for what breaks HIS

 a love of riding

a love of adventure

a love of missions

 a love of worship

 Our chubby cheeked baby grew into a lovely young lady

 Although I don't know where the time went...
and I am certainly not old enough to have a 16 year old daughter...
I am so very thankful to our heavenly father for lending her to us and allowing us to watch her grow in the ways of the Lord over the past 16 years!!  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Feel Like a School Girl Again!

This morning began with a series of unfortunate events that I will choose not to share publicly:)  

Let's just say that I can laugh about it all now!

Anyway, after multiple events...when all I wanted to do was cry...

I started to sing my favorite camp song from Royal Family Kids Camp.

Insert music here...
"It's a good, good, good, good, good, good morning;
 a good, good, good, good, good, good morning;
 a good, good, good, good, good, good morning;
It's gonna be, a very good day!!!

Half way through my song I realized it was a good morning, and a good day!!

Today was our 18th wedding anniversary!!  

which I had forgotten until that moment

So there was only one thing to do...I beautified myself and prepared to surprise my love at work.

(after a bit more drama...I made it there with goodies in hand)

I can tell you I felt like a nervous school girl again!!!  

Butterflies in my stomach, asking my girls if my hair and outfit looked ok, hoping that I was able to successfully make it to hubby's office before he found out I remembered our anniversary.  

My mission was successful!!  He was surprised!!

And I think he liked his chocolate covered strawberries (as well as several

Then I learned that he also had a surprise in store for me!!

Later the love of my life took me on a date.
I had yet to go in his jeep with the top and doors there was a promise of going off road:)

Again I felt like a school girl going out to dinner with my hottie and then some adventure!

 Let's just say I didn't die!
We almost got stuck two times.
As we approached a LARGE puddle (with an unknown depth)
I said, "well, lets see if three is a charm".

Not only were we stuck, the jeep was almost on it's side.
(it was dark and we were a few miles in...
my visions of walking out in the dark through rough terrain and critters got the best of me)
I started praying in my head and then as it was obvious we were stuck, I started praying out loud.

God is so very faithful even in the small things!
We got out...and had ourselves a good laugh!!

I will say that the funniest part was walking through Walmart after for a grocery run.  The picture does not do him justice!  Hubby had mud on his face, head, neck, back, and down his legs as well:)

I am so very thankful for the past 18 years that I have had with the love of my life!!

And I cannot wait to see what the next 18 have in store for us!!

They That Wait...

They that wait upon the Lord,


shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings as eagles;


they shall run, and not be weary; 

and they shall walk, and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31

Some verses you learn in a certain translation and it just has to be said that way.  

I learned this one in the King James version, and as a song when I was a very little girl.  
(And I am so very glad that I did!)

There is something so very powerful about memorizing the word of God.

It provides strength, peace, and hope at the moment you need it.  

This particular verse refreshes my spirit!  

I have heard different interpretations of the word "wait" over the years.  

Not one of those interpretations imply doing nothing:)

One interpretation I heard some years ago said that to wait means "cling to".  

I will say that it happens to be my personal favorite:)  

They that cling to the Lord shall renew their strength.  

Others have said that it means to wait "in great expectation" or "confidence" in HIM...
looking to HIM for help...putting trust in HIM.

We still do not have our referral for Aaron.

I can tell you we are in a stage of CLINGING to our heavenly father!!
But we are also in great expectation...
walking forward with complete confidence that Christ will continue to open doors!!
We will continue this journey without growing weary or faint.
Claiming God's promises along the way.

I was sure that this past Friday was going to be the day for several reasons.

No one heard anything Friday so we waited expectantly for Monday news.

The good news is that our dear friends walking this journey HAVE received their referrals!!!!

Both families that have been on the same race with us, and another I have followed from afar have moved to the next step over the past few weeks.

They are one obstacle closer to bringing their treasures home!!

We are so very happy for them!

And we long to understand God's plan for our delays and wait.

but as that old songs goes...

 Teach me Lord, Teach me wait!! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where I Am:) has been brought to my attention by my sister that I have been terribly slacking in the blog writing department!!!  

Unfortunately I am guilty on ALL COUNTS!!  

Until I can gather my thoughts and write something of substance...
please read this blog post called "The Adoption Crazies"!!!  

I have a baddy bad bad case of 'um...I case you were unsure.