Growth...of our our walk with all things to worship HIM!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Love me some family time!!

I keep thinking that our world will slow down and I will do better in the blogging department.  
Somehow one moment runs into the next, days pass, and with ability to share. 

The great news is that God is so very gracious and faithful!!
Our family has bonded well and my heart bubbles over with thankfulness!!

We have spent much time visiting with family and have entertained many house guests.  
Many have come to welcome Aaron into our circle of family and friends...
summer proved to be a great time for just that.

As we turned the corner into fall, God provided an amazing opportunity for our family to spend some peaceful alone time together...just the five of us!!

Let me set the stage...
we got a VERY late start!!  
We had hoped to arrive to our lake front camp site around 4pm.
Instead, we drove through thick rain and arrived after dark:)
I wish I had the camera out as we set camp on a cool, WINDY, rainy evening!!
We must have been a sight trying to hold down the tarp my hubby bravely installed over
 that new to us tent I mentioned in a previous post:)

The kids and I stood at each the dark...swaying in the wind.  The kids were cracking jokes and squealing, I was hiding under the tarp as I held my corner for all I was worth.  

Once the tent, tarp, and gear were set up, 
we did what any sensible camper would do at O'dark hundred, 
We stuffed our children with Oreos as a reward for their hard work and prepared for bed:)

As I exited our tent with my early morning risers 
(one excited to swim before breakfast, the other anxious to try to catch some breakfast)
my assumptions from the previous evening were confirmed...

There was no one within sight or hearing range.  
we even had the rest room facilities completely to ourselves!!!

They fished as the sun came up...

and we slowly worked on some breakfast.

There was lovin'...


swimming AND fishing...when you just can not choose:)

more fishing...who needs hip boots??!!??

There was reading

Oh I should not admit how much of the day I lounged there with a book:):)

Someone was a big girl and put her own worms on the hook

And someone gave me her, what do you mean these are my last two face:)

The first catch of the day

and the last:)

I just cannot get over the beautiful location!!

And while the girls were busy giggling in the tent...
my partners in crime played a friendly game of Catan by head lamp!! 

It was sad to leave our relaxing get away...but the memories will be with us for a lifetime!!
(I really was helping to pack up ya'll!!)

THEN...change gears...

Someone in these parts turned 17!!
When in the world did this happen???????????

Our oldest treasure has a slight obsession with Pinterest...
When I asked her about her cake for this year, she expressively shared how she found a picture of these cute little watermelon cupcakes.  
I was slightly disappointed I mean ready for the challenge when she shared that she really didn't want me to make them taste like watermelon.
So, this is her preference of Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cupcakes w/ Chai Cream Cheese frosting
Disguised as a fresh watermelon:)
I think they passed the test!!

We celebrated the day with an extra special surprise.
It was a non birthday, family surprise.  
Meet Tucker!!
He is an Aussiepooh (Australian Shepherd/Poodle mix)
 Even the big kid has lost his heart to him:):)
So, how big will this precious baby get...your guess is as good as mine:)
We can find out together!  

Our days are filled with homeschooling, walking the dogs, potty runs, board games, 
horseback riding for the girls, and basketball practices for our son.  
I have increased my tutoring with a precious young man that God has brought into our lives, 
and children's worship keeps my heart and body in shape.  

Our church activities are back in swing and we cannot get enough of being there!!!  
Even Aaron, our most recent treasure to come into the family rushes me out the door on church days!!!  Oh how that blesses this mama's heart:)

We continue to pray for God to show us who the next child/children will be to enter our forever family.  We have had doors close...and much peace as to how to move forward.  

BUT...this post is getting far too long...

so you will have to wait until the next one to see just what that involves!!!