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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Smoke Signal

Well, I did it.  After 25 days without news from our referral agent I sent out a smoke signal.  I told myself that I wouldn't contact her before the new year.  I rationalized that she would contact me if she had any real news.  But this mama's heart would not be still.  So, on the evening of December 29th I sent a short plea for information.  It was nothing but a smoke signal really...It read, "Any news on how birthmommy is doing?"  But I am sure this sweet gal could read between the lines!  She let me know that birthmommy's social worker has not been able to be in much contact with her because social worker's husband had been in the hospital and then social worker and daughter have had a nasty stomach virus.  Apparently the social worker has been in contact by phone and has learned that birthmommy is doing fairly well and was put on medication to keep her from going into labor.  

Slowing down it was my turn to read between the lines:)  If they do not want her to go into labor yet, the January 15th date is probably not a 40 week due date.  (37-38 weeks is considered full term for twins and many have them around week 36)  That would explain why the social worker was not in a great hurry to have birthmommy commit to a family before the new year.  

Although we did not get the big news of being chosen yet...I grabbed onto this information for the manna it was.  Birthmommy seems to be doing well, the boys need to stay put for a while longer, and she has not changed her mind about making an adoption plan or chosen another family.  

So, we continue to believe and press on!!!!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Preparing for Rain

Have you head the phrase, "Preparing for Rain"?  No, it doesn't mean taking an umbrella along for an outing:)

Watch this clip!

We started getting our "fields ready" long ago.  Preparing a nursery, gathering baby items, fundraising, even washing baby clothes and packing a baby suitcase.  Over the Christmas holiday we cleaned the house and caught up on everyone's laundry so we could pack at a moment's notice.

I have been praying, preparing, and expecting rain!!!

Today I took it one step further.  Today I packed suitcases for the four of us.  I know it seems extreme to some of you.  Why would I pack all our clothes in suitcases and have them taking up all the walking space on my bedroom floor when we have yet to even hear if we have been chosen?  The answer is simple...I BELIEVE!

I BELIEVE that God put AA twin boys on our hearts...I BELIEVE he has directed our path every step of the way...I BELIEVE he lead us to this particular baby situation...I BELIEVE that we will be chosen...I BELIEVE that He will provide the remainder of the finances needed...I BELIEVE we will be called soon and need to be ready!!  It simply comes down to that...I believe, therefore, I prepare for rain!!

I know the reality of this situation.  It has been 53 days since the birthmother has seen our profile.  Usually  a decision is made much sooner than that.  I also know that the babies are due to be born anytime.  Birth-mommies that haven't made a decision about an adoptive family before birth are much more likely to change their mind about making an adoption plan for their baby.  I know the statistics.  All I can say is BUT GOD!

Do I fear looking like a fool if these are not our babies...Nope!  The reality is that I have an audience of one and HE knows my heart.  He knows that my faith and trust is in Him alone.  So, I will continue to pray, prepare, and expect rain!!!  All I can do is step out and walk in faith...the rest is in His very capable hands!!!

Dear Lord....LET IT RAIN!!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...we were super excited ya'll!!  Hubby made some comfort food (stuffed hamburgers and sweet potato fries), we watched a movie together (Cars 2...we already watched our traditional Elf earlier in the week), and of course...a good ole game of Catan!!  

Puppy was in the midst of EVERYTHING!  I think he feared we would forget his stocking:)  

Nope...even super cute girls with puppy dog eyes must wait until Christmas morning!!!

 It was anyone's game but Miss Kylee took the win last night!!

This morning things began with such a strange twist!!  Our oldest...who usually requires extreme measures to wake...was first to rise and woke the rest of the family!!!  Little does she know I have been up since 3am!  (I pray about the littles all hours of day and night!!)

My father started the family tradition of reading the Christmas story from the Bible and singing Christmas Carols.  My sweet hubby has continued this tradition with our family.  It is truly the best part of Christmas morning!!  

 Dear puppy would not rest his sniffer until the treats were retrieved from his stocking!!

We are still extremely hopeful to be chosen for the boys.  Because of this our Christmas presents will be a trip to Oklahoma.  We stuck to stocking stuffers this year but our girls were still so very excited with their gifts.  

Mélika wanted a capo for her guitar and Kylee wanted the latest Narnia movie.  

Kylee knows her papa well and got him a spicy dip mix and crock! 

Mélika also knows him well and got him two mini pans for camping:)

Once again...I was blessed beyond measure!!  My family asked over and over what I wanted for Christmas BESIDES the littles.  Of course my heart is for adoption...I asked my family for adoption T-Shirts that will help families fund their adoptions.  I made it quite easy for them...I even gave them a list with websites and photos:)  

I really didn't expect the shirts for Christmas however.  Stéphane and I agreed NOT to exchange presents to save for our adoption, and our girls are short on funds and do not have access to buying online.   BUT...a certain hubby and a certain set of girls pulled their resources and blessed this mama's heart!!!!

They even caught my reaction when I read the note!!!!

Each girl purchased one so we were able to bless two adoptive families!!!

The girls were also so very blessed by presents that arrived from grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!!!  

My love started a new Christmas tradition this morning...stuffed french toast!!!!  It was oh so yummy!!

Poor Buddy...too much Christmas!! 

I just can't stop taking pictures of our beautiful girls!!!!  I love them so very much!!!   

We are off to church to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ!!!  
Much love,
The Boutins

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's about the presence

I found myself there....walking in the mall on Christmas Eve!  Truth be told it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  And yes, just because I was there I purchased a few things that were not on the list:)

As I walked down the crowded isles I was ever reminded that Christmas is not about the gifts...but about the PRESENCE!  It is about our Savior that came to earth as a baby.  The Christ child that was born to die so that we can live.

It is much fun to give and receive gifts.  Special traditions and time with family is ever so special.  But as the consumerism of the world swirls around us, take time to quiet down and bask in the PRESENCE of a risen Savior.    For the holiday we celebrate... is ALL ABOUT JESUS!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Welcome Miss Linny!

A sweet blogging gal from A Place Called Simplicity asked to stop by for a visit.  

So Miss Linny....Welcome to our home!!  

We give absolutely all praise and gratitude to our heavenly father for blessings us with this gorgeous, LARGE home!!  We prayed and prayed that God would bless us with a home large enough to adopt several more children:)  Our 1200 square foot Cape Cod would just not hold any more little ones...
Just look what HE did!!  

We are crazy in love with Jesus, love to be used for His glory, and have a passion for adoption!!!  

We are currently in the process of adopting domestically.  We have been praying for AA twin boys since January and have been waiting to hear back from a birthmommy that is due to give birth to AA twin boys any day now.  This is our very special Christmas wish, sketched by our youngest daughter!!!

Miss Linny, we wish you and yours a very Merry CHRISTmas and fabulous year to come!!!!  May God richly bless your family and continue to use you to impact the nations!!!!

From Urgency to Peace

I guess the only word to describe my behavior lately is...nesting.  My hubby says that I have been doing it for quite some time.  He is right.  But lately there is a sense of urgency in my nesting.  An urgency to get the laundry caught up so we can urgency to clean our home so we can return to a welcoming urgency to make sure we all still have some warm duds for a trip to a colder climate.  In this time where I simply need to be....I feel an urgency to do.

When this feeling of urgency comes upon me...I must take time to be still and rest in the presence of the Lord.
Psalm 37:7 says, Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act.
Exodus 14:14 says, The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.
Psalm 46:10 says, Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

BE many times have I been reminded of this on our adoption journey?  Far too many to count:)  Being still doesn't mean that I am not to clean or pack.  It doesn't even mean that I should ignore the expectancy of an approaching date.  Being still means stepping into my quite prayer closet...resting in the presence of a holy God...lingering in His perfect peace.  When I seek HIM first, His amazing peace covers me as I prepare for what He has placed on our heart.  Moving forward in PEACE...there is nothing greater!!

I will worship as I nest.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baking Marathon

I am one tired gal!  Today I made 16 homemade loaves of bread and a batch of caramels all in one day:)  I feel extra content with these results because 8 of those loaves were Challah bread and required cutting, rolling, and braiding six strands of bread for each loaf.  I have never baked Challah in bread pans before but the experiment was a success.  

I had no intention of making caramels fact...I have never made them before.  But as I browsed A Christmas Tradition this morning I was drawn in by the step by step photos, the beautiful little helper, and the short recipe description.  I had all the necessary ingredients, so, in between batches of bread, I gave it a try:)  The recipe turned out oh so yummy but I forgot to add the vanilla at the end....shhhhh....don't tell:)

Stéphane's mother taught me how to make homemade bread several years ago.  At the time I had younger children and worked full time.  It simply was not my season for bread making.  Since moving south and transitioning into stay at home/homeschool mommy, homemade bread has become a staple in our home.  

Challah is a Jewish bread that is a served during the Sabbath feast.   Kylee and I made our first loaves of this special bread in the fall while studying religious feasts in our homeschool curriculum.  

I personally find it fabulous right out of the oven!!  It also makes the BEST french toast the following morning:)  These loaves will be Christmas presents for some of my hubby's co-workers.  

Well folks...the bread was finally cool enough to bag so I am off to get some much needed sleep!!

Christmas Treats

Somehow I woke up yesterday with the reality that I haven't done ANY Christmas baking!  Part of it is because I have no self control, and a gal with fructose malabsorption should stay clear of goodies.  Part of it is that I have been in baby wonderland...knowing that each day is drawing us closer to answers and hopefully little boys!  Whatever the reason, I have been slacking and needed to get into gear on some homemade gifts!!!  

My hubby decided to participate in a Christmas Cookie Exchange at work this year.  He burned the midnight oil making Chocolate Covered Macaroons.  I never liked coconut until discovering these tasty little bites of goodness.  After watching him in action I came up with a plan:)  

Usually I bake homemade bread for the neighbors for Christmas.  A few weeks ago I broke my beloved bread bowl and have been putting off the daunting task of making 16 loves for neighbors and hubby's coworkers.  So....I tried my hand at Chocolate Dipped Macaroons!  They are Kylee's new favorite cookie!!!

Then it was time to dive into Butter Candy.  I have never made this family traditional treat because my hubby and girls usually have it covered.  I forgot to take a picture while it was still in the pan but this will give you an idea:)

After baking and filling the was time to take to the street and deliver our packages!!!

 No baby girl...the treats are not for you...I think we tasted enough during production:)

Hubby's co-workers are still anticipating their yearly bread so it is back to the kitchen this morning:)  

Monday, December 19, 2011

Without Faith...It's Impossible

At this the early stages of blogging...I have no idea if anyone follows my blog or if the posts get read.  Quite frankly it doesn't matter:)  You see, the blog allows me to share my heart and stretch my personal faith.  With this running record of God's faithfulness, I can look back and marvel at all the times my heavenly father blessed this mama's heart.  So, one day I hope to encourage many with my humble words.  For now I will be content to live this journey out loud with Christ.

Earlier today I read a post from an adoptive mommy that walks in tremendous faith and lives out loud.  I cried as she shared a story from long ago that rocked my world for today!!!  Take a moment to peek at
Memory Box Monday - The Contact Lens  and be reminded that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!!

As in this blogger's story, God didn't answer her prayers instantly.  HE wanted to see if she would persevere and trust in HIM.  That is where I am at friends!  God has not instantly granted our prayers and opened the doors for the boys that HE has placed on our heart!  We have persevered...trusted...and prepared for rain.  I wonder if Christ is long will you trust me...2 days...a week...a month?  We have walked and believed for some 45 days for this particular adoption opportunity.

BUT...just look at  how Christ has already shown himself strong in this journey?

  • We started in January 2011 with zero dollars set aside for adoption!
  • We originally filled out paperwork for two different agencies before signing on with this one in April!  (with each we did not feel peace to follow through)
  • My husband was told that he wouldn't be getting a year end bonus because of the loss the company took as a whole that later learn that he would receive a portion of it...enough to get our paperwork started with the adoption agency!
  • Between hand-made bracelet sales and generous donations we raised $5,517.00!
  • Our tax agent told us that we would have to pay $2500 in taxes this year only to learn weeks later that we were getting a return of $6400 instead from a tax credit on an adoption that happened back in 2006!
  • We contacted Lifesong for Orphans about getting an interest free loan and opening an account where folks could make a tax deductible donation to our adoption.  We were told that they would not be able to set it up in the time we needed it... but God moved and the account was set up within hours and we were also granted the interest free loan!
  • Our agency is only supposed to place NC babies with NC families but sent out an opportunity about twin boys in Oklahoma!
  • We had two days to get all paperwork and fees into the referral agency for this opportunity...our NC agency was not able to send the ugly profile that they made because they were having computer problems...I was able to make a new profile that better represented our family and write a letter directly to birthmommy!
  • Oklahoma birthmommy was not originally looking for a caucasian family for her boys...but she is seriously considering our family and has narrowed it down to our family and one from Texas!
And the list goes on...and on....and on!!!  

Faith is defined as believing in things unseen.  If I truly have faith in what God has placed on our hearts I must believe God for the impossible!  HE certainly does the impossible Best!!! long will I believe...each and every day until our boys are safely home in our arms!!!

Seats for the Littles

Yesterday was a very exciting day in our home!!!  It was the day we picked up our infant car seats!!!!  

As mentioned in a previous post, we have had much discussion about car seats.  My hope has always been to fly to Oklahoma so we can get there as quickly as possible:)  But, with a family of four, and holiday prices for flights, we have had to look at the possibility of driving.  We do not have an exact location but estimate the trip to be at least 20 hours without stopping.  I am so very thankful the new van has a dvd player!!!

We have been asked multiple times if we would consider leaving our girls behind with friends.  Unless there is an emergency that would prevent it....we strongly believe that we have walked this journey of faith as a family and the entire family should be present to live out God's extreme faithfulness!  Our girls have prayed, shed tears, leapt with excitement right along side of us since the beginning of this journey.  They want very much to be with us.  Hopefully that will be our family Christmas present this year!!!  Can you possibly think of ANYTHING better?????

OK...back to those seats:)  We have researched, measured, and number crunched.  We have found the Chicco Keyfit to be the best choice for our situation.  I LOVE the orange color of the Extreme model and it has been on my most wanted list since the first set of twins were available back in April:)  I have been watching sales and promotions come and go...the price was always daunting even with an additional 10% off the sale price for purchasing two large items for twins.  So, as we have been talking about driving instead of flying, it seemed to make more sense to look at used seats on craigslist here before leaving.  

To bring this very long tale to a can all be summed up by saying once again....GOD DID IT JUST BECAUSE HE CAN!!  We were able to locate a set of matching seats,  in the model that I wanted,  that have been used less than a year, THAT WERE LESS THAN THE PRICE OF ONE ON SALE IN THE STORE!!!!  

Aren't they beauties!!!!  I can just imagine our littles sitting in there:) 

As soon as we got home I ran down to our dear friend's house to share our exciting news.  (Yes I could have called but I would have missed out on Natasha's squeals and hugs!!  They bless my heart and I wanted to tell her in person!!)  These friends have been through the good, bad, and ugly with us during the adoption journey and I was confident they would see the significance these seats held for me.  

You see....this is a big purchase.  It is one thing to buy a couple outfits in double as you have faith and believe that twins are coming.  But buying two infant car seats when you have not OFFICIALLY been chosen for said twins...that has not been in my hubby's comfort zone:)  

But this great hubby of mine not only called and negotiated a great price, but rejoiced with me in my bliss, and got right on installing the newborn insert when we got home.  

Don't tell but I think he is just as excited about car seats as I is one step closer to the littles:)

Thank you Father for walking us through this journey!  Thank you for providing for ALL our needs and even blessings us with wants:)  Thank you for showing yourself strong at every turn and surrounding us with love and support!!!!  We are so very humbled and blessed!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


 I am so blessed to say that no matter where God has taken us to live during our 17 years of marriage, He has always provided great friends to encourage us, keep us accountable, and fill our hearts with laughter!  Two of those great families came over last night!!!  They know our heart for adoption and our longing to be chosen for this particular adoption situation!  We were so very humbled and blessed to spend priceless time in prayer with them before the gaming began.  

One family brought 3 of their 6 children, the other brought their 5.  Together with our 2...our home was rockin with laughter and fun!!!

The older girls love to sit and talk....oh...and eat lots of banana bread:)

The younger explanation necessary:)  God is preparing me for my little boys!!

Check out those faces...I am sure someone is up to some hearty pranks:)

Watch out for these may just get arrested by these law enforcement agents!  

Then there are those that enjoy accessorizing!!  

I admit....we are Catan addicts!!!  We were introduced to this game when we moved to these parts and play, at least as a family, a couple times a week.  It is an extra special treat when we can get our gamin groove on with friends!!  I will not tell you who won...but lets just say that all three wins were taken by girls!!!!

Hubby ready to make a dirty dog move!  It was not well received:)  

Well boys....better luck next time:)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

His Name Shall Be Called...

I received a gorgeous, homemade Christmas card from my parents this week!!!  Although he still claims to just be "practicing" father is a very talented artist!!

The message of this card says it all...

Over 700 years before He was born, Isaiah the prophet announced the birth of a baby boy, Jesus, the son of God.  This holiday season we look back over 2000 years to that same event and proclaim with the Apostle Paul, "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!"