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Monday, March 10, 2014

Puzzle Fundraiser...Missing Pieces


We are so very excited for all God is doing in this adoption process!!!  

to all who have generously donated so far to help bring our boys home!!!!

We took this photo of our family showing our "missing pieces"

We made it into a puzzle

and started filling in pieces from earlier donations that were graciously given 
at the beginning of the journey.  

Then we added the pieces that were purchased since February 14th!!!

Could this piece have your name on it??

1. Each piece of the puzzle costs $20 (you can purchase one piece or several pieces)

2. To purchase please click the paypal DONATE button on the right of this blog page
    you can make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation by sending a check to our adoption agency.  For
    the tax deductible option...please make checks out to:  Christian Adoption Services (please do
    NOT put our name anywhere on the check, instead please add a post it note or paperclip a note to
    the check saying you would like the donation to be placed on the Boutin adoption.  If you do not
    add the note, the donation will go to the agency general fund.)
    The address to mail the check is: Christian Adoption Services
                                                          624-100 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd
                                                          Matthews, NC 28105

3. When pieces are purchased we will write your name on the back of the piece(s) to have a lasting
    memory of those who helped bring our sons home.
4. Once the pieces have been "sold" and the puzzle put together, we will frame it (double sided
    glass) and hang it in our home as another example of God's faithfulness.  We will have something
    tangible to show our boys all the wonderful people who gave generously to bring them home!! 

5. We will update our progress regularly to show how the puzzle is forming!!

Because we are transparent and sharing this journey OUTLOUD...

(some of our fees are more due to bringing three boys home at the same time:)
Application/E-adopt fees: $350 PAID
Homestudy: $1,100 PAID
Dossier Fee: $1,000 PAID
Psychological update: $330 PAID
I-800A immigration: $890 PAID
Agency Coordination fees: $4,500 PAID
Liaison fee: $600 PAID
ICAB Application and processing: $300 PAID
Additional Child fee: $2,000  PAID
Postplacement Supervision & Adoption: $4,250  PAID
ICAB pretravel processing: $3,000  PAID
Orphanage Contribution: $1,000  PAID
ICAB preplacement/Coordination fee:  $1,750  PAID
Finalization: $1,100  PAID

We have been officially matched with our boys and are waiting for visa, medical, and passports to be issued so they can come home.  (aprox. 3-4 months process)


Over 4 short months... through generous donations, our puzzle fundraiser, a grant from JSC foundation, and our quarter auction...ALL our agency and international fees have been PAID!!!!!  We are now working on gathering the money needed to book our flights for hubby and I, plus the return trip of the three boys.  We estimate our travel expenses to be approximately $7,000 (dependent on cost of flights and accommodations allowing us to put 5 to a room).  We currently have $1,210 toward that amount!!!!  


In the Learning...Praise!

I am learning a few things about myself in this amazing journey God has us on...

One is that I am not consistent in my form of communication:)
There are seasons that I blog, seasons that I post snip-its on Facebook, seasons that I send more intimate email updates, and seasons where I appear to be missing in action.  I also have not taken a photo with my big girl camera for a very long time:)
There have been times where I have beat myself up about that lack of consistency.  
But I am learning grace can be extended to myself as well as others.  

Our days are FULL.  
We homeschool, Aaron played basketball and starts football tomorrow, the girls ride horses, Melika leads youth worship, and both Melika and Kylee are part of a human video team for fine arts.  

AND, this newly turned 40 mama has finally decided to do something that I have always wanted to do...I am participating in a sprint triathlon!!  
(AND, my baby girl, who thinks she is allergic to exercise, 
is doing it with me as my birthday present!!)

(Sprint because the distances are shorter...250m swim, 10 mile bike, 2.1 mile run)  
In the world of triathlons this is a baby MY is HUGE!!!
So, fitting training into an already busy schedule can be challenging.  

There is more I am learning in this journey...
motherhood does not equal wonder woman!

I am sure I am not the only one to find myself battling that syndrome.  
So often we place pressure on ourselves to be all and do all in our homes, for our husband, for our children, and in ministry.  
When in reality...I cannot do anything with success or excellence 
without the intervention of my Heavenly Father!!
When my focus and my praise is on HIM, 
instead of what I have or have not accomplished,
HE makes all things good in HIS time!!!
And Christ's time and way is always PERFECT!!

This next thing I have been working on learning for quite some time...
Christ is working behind the scenes (without my help)
even when things appear to be standing still!!!!
I am not quite sure if it is the type "A" in me or some other reason,
but I love for a decision to be made and then run that race until it is accomplished!!
There is much waiting at this leg of our journey...
waiting for hubby's healing or surgery for his foot, 
waiting on immigration clearance,
waiting for our dossier to be mailed to the Philippines,
waiting for the official match for the boys,
waiting to see how God will provide financially for this adoption,
waiting to know the extent of the water damage on our home 
and if the insurance will cover any of it,
waiting to put the house on the market,
waiting to know if we will be here or in a different home 
when we bring our boys to their forever family,
yep...lots of waiting:):)

But, it is in the waiting that we have the privilege 
of resting in God's unfailing peace.  
When there are things for us to do,
 it is far too easy to try to take back some of the control 
that belongs in father God's capable hands!!

In these moments where I relinquish control to the one who had it all along...
then I am pliable in his hands.
In those moments HE can shape me and form me in HIS likeness.  

So in this season, 
where there is much to do,
grace to extend,
capes to remove,
and control to be relinquished (again)...
I am learning much as I praise the ONE who is worthy, righteous, honorable, loving, gracious, faithful, kind, unwavering, all knowing, most powerful....

In the learning as in the heart will choose to praise!!!