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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

God placed something very specific on our hearts

As we started down this road to adoption, God placed something very specific on our hearts.  Well, the more accurate account is that God placed it on sweet Kylee's heart.  Back in January Miss Kylee came to me and said that she felt strongly that we were supposed to adopt twin boys.  We already knew that African American boys were in our future...but TWINS???  

I gave her all my reasonable "adult" answers...we couldn't possibly handle twins.  I am sure it costs more money, and we do not have enough for one.  Twins are rare in adoption, chances are there will not be any.  After my momentary lapse of good judgement, we took to our knees and prayed that God would show us HIS plan for our family!!!  The amazing thing is that in a very short time it was confirmed in each of our hearts!!! 

I chuckled as I went through some of the baby things that beloved friends and family members have been giving us over the past few years:  two high chairs, two bouncy seats, two bassinets, two baby carriers...and the list goes on:)  We have been stepping out in faith over the past months and have added two slings, twin outfits, a second crib, and a double snap and go stroller for infant car seats.  

Back in April we had an amazing family day at the park, took some great photos, and ended with dinner at Olive Garden.  I strongly apposed going out to dinner because we are on a spending freeze until we get our boys home!!!  What happened that evening was nothing short of wonderful!!!  The four of us sat in the middle of the restaurant, huddled around Steph's smart phone, and looked up baby names.  We decided on:

Amaziah (meaning: strength of the Lord)  Cole (meaning: of a triumphant people)
Jude (meaning: God shall be praised) Alexander (meaning: defender of men)

I wouldn't trade that evening for anything...thank you my love for trumping my frugalness for an evening:)

As many of you know we have put our family profile out to many baby opportunities over the past seven months.  Our very first opportunity that came out as our homestudy was being completed was AA twin boys!!  We were beside ourselves because it was exactly what was on our hearts and it was so very fast!!!  We turned down two other opportunities during the 36 days that we waited to hear the birthparent's decision.  In the end they decided to parent the boys and not place them for adoption.  It simply was not God's plan for us!

As different opportunities came and went...we prayed, prayed, and prayed some more.

We continued to read the required books for our agency

and prepared a nursery

 I simply do not have words to express all God has been doing and growing in our hearts and lives throughout this journey.  We have said yes to showing our profile to many different baby opportunities over the past months to remain open to anything God may have for us.  But now we are 25 days into waiting again to hear from a birthmommy in Oklahoma with AA twin boys to be born on or before January 15th!!!  We are at a familiar place...a scary exhilarating place all in one!!!  We know what God has specifically placed on each heart in our family.  We have names for them.  We do not have all the funds needed to adopt these little guys, and we have not been chosen yet...but we have much faith and believe miracles can happen!!!

So....we continue to fast, pray, believe, and plan:)

Our Kylee still knows what was placed on her heart in January...tonight she drew their picture to add to  our blog sidebar!!

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