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Friday, August 24, 2012

Back in line!!!

We have been waiting...
waiting for news, waiting for a birth certificate, waiting for God to move mountains...

I have been asked if I have learned patience yet.  I am not sure I know the answer to that one.  

I can tell you that it has been painful waiting. 

It has been prayerful waiting.

I am not sure it has been patient waiting. 

BUT.....TODAY...another obstacle was moved!!!

I love it when we cry out to God in a certain situation, and then HE answers our prays in ways we do not understand.  It takes the human factor out of things and clearly shows that it is ALL HIM!!  

We learned this morning that the passport agency of the Philippines will issue a passport in the name of "baby boy"!!!  

Because of this our dossier will be put back in line to be presented to the ICAB for referral!!!!!!  

How is it that it can be done now and it couldn't in March when we learned that Aaron could not be hosted??? Or why not all those months in-between?  

My answer is so very simple....BUT GOD!!!   

He has a plan and purpose for our son, and our family as a whole.  

HIS timing is perfect!

HIS ways are perfect!!

HIS plan is perfect!!!

There is a LITTLE part of this story that makes it all so much sweeter!!!  

After telling me the fabulous news this morning, and hearing a very loud squeal in her ear, the fabulous gal from our agency went on to tell me more.

She told me that earlier this week they learned that we would not be able to get Aaron's corrected birth certificate until DECEMBER!!! 

If that happened, we would then have to go back in line for a referral (which could take weeks to months considering how the ICAB is already backed up and the fact that government offices are closed most of December)...then we would have had to wait the three months it usually takes to get visa approval to travel.  

All that to could have been spring or summer of next year before we traveled for our son!!!!!!!!  

So you see...this new turn of events is nothing short of God's gracious answer to many prayers from those around the world specifically praying for our Aaron!!

I do hope that one day God will reveal the reason we needed to wait longer.  I love looking back and seeing his sovereign hand in our lives!!!

But until then...we will shout out his faithfulness from the rooftops!!!

I have been working on some new children's worship the last few of my new favorites completely expresses how I feel today:)

Have a listen...

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