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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wearing a Crown...

As the day approached anxiety ran high for one crowning princess.  

The closer we got to the date, the more she questioned wearing a crown.
After years of diligent work she wavered in finishing the very last small assignment.  

You see, the enemy of her soul did not want her to take a stand for Jesus.  
he didn't want to see her honored for the things of Christ, 
nor feel beautiful as a princess....daughter of the most high God.

She overcame the temptation to quit and completed the last assignment.  

Then the ugly nothings that were whispered in her mind questioned her beauty, 
her ability to be loved and accepted.  

She is a gorgeous young lady who was created by the one true God 
to do great things for HIS kingdom!  
She is treasured, she is valued, she is loved, and she is wanted.  

But somehow those ugly whispers rang stronger than our words of affirmation.

Somehow she believed that if she could just change her appearance,
THEN she would be seen as beautiful and worthy of a crown.  

But the tempter is a snake...a liar...a thief.  
His goal is to rob, steal, and destroy.  

Once we step over the line to listen to the whisper, he screams words of condemnation...
that we are not worthy, that we will never amount to anything, 
that no one will want us because of the ugly of our sin...

The truth is...we are ALL sinners, saved by grace!  
All sin is ugly...but Christ trades beauty for our Ashes.  

So in Christ's strength...our baby girl put satan under her feet...and a crown she wore!

She was honored for the work she accomplished,

but more importantly she boldly took a stand for Christ!!

She stood with seven of her peers 

Was reminded that God made her beautiful, and HE longs for us to see what HE sees....

I pray that the truth of this special event resonates in my sweet girl's heart.  

She is a beautiful princess...daughter of the the Most High God!!!

She has beautiful wrapping paper, but her true beauty is on the inside!!  

May she shine like the stars of the universe for HIM all the days of her life.  
May she find her identity and worth in the ONE that created her for HIS special plan and purpose!!
May she walk BOLDLY for JESUS, putting satan under her feet, all the days of her life.  

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.  Proverbs 31:30


  1. She is beautiful! Love your dress, too, Joy! You both are beautiful!

  2. What a way to say it! I'm glad she chose to keep on pushin'. Nice photography, I might add. Ha ha