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Saturday, December 1, 2012

...for this is God's will for me

There is nothing better than basking in the presence of God!

There are times when I am crying out to my father God about a particular situation.  
And in those moment I find peace for my soul.

But my favorite times are when I am overwhelmed with thankfulness...
thankfulness for who HE is,
what HE has done,
 that HE loves me,
 and the intentions of HIS heart for me are steadfast and forever!!

This Wednesday night, at our House of Prayer, our worship pastor spoke briefly on ThanksLIVING.  

Basically we all put on our thankful hats for the Thanksgiving season.  
And then somewhere between the Christmas crazies and new year resolutions gone bad...
we lose that thankful heart.  

There are numerous references in the bible that clearly state 
that we are to be thankful in all circumstances.  
I may have had a beautiful typed list of said verses that I misplaced following the service.
I will blame it on the 3 hours sleep I had the night before:)  

A verse we all love to miss use is
...all things work together for the good of those who love God...
We love to think that if we love God he will take all our bad circumstances 
and change them to good.  
But that is not what Romans 8:28 speaks of.
It means that God will take the good and the bad situations and use each of those to grow us and mold us for our good.    

There was another verse that struck a cord with me.  
1 Thessalonians 5:18 says...
Give thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  

In the past I had read the verse to say that God's will is for us to give thanks.  
When I looked at it this week...
I realized that where we are right now in our adoption God's will for us.  

I know that seems like common sense.  Of course it is God's will for us.  We have been praying for God to bring us the right child, we have be walking in faith, and trust God to open and close doors.  

But the timeline...and the so called "delays" that don't make sense...they are God's will for us RIGHT NOW in this leg of the journey.

In this season, God is asking us to rejoice for others who are traveling to their treasures.

HE is asking us to be thankful for our timeline.

He is asking us to give thanks for when it hurts and when it is all smooth sailing.

So today, I am choosing a thankful heart!

I am thankful for my partner, my lover, and best friend!!

I am thankful for my beautiful girls that have a heart for Jesus!!

I am thankful that this sweet boy knows he has a family and that we are coming for him soon!!

Today I am thankful that THIS is God's will for ME~

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