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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bring on the House Guests

We have been so very blessed this summer!!!

We have had the privilege of spending a week with BOTH sides of our family in the past month!!

For some of you bloggy friends, that is not very earth shattering.  
But for us, it is a priceless gift. 
We have never lived close to either side of our family in our married life (going on 19 years).  
And we have not had my husbands family come to our home since our move south 4 years ago:(

Let me tell you...we know how to pack a week!!!

There was basketball



ladder ball


horse play

and horse love.

There was relaxing

cat whispering


candy sampling


sibling sillies

and cousin love.

We went to the beach

got caught in the rain

and went berry picking.

found some great accessories

played checkers

and enjoyed ice cream.

We played

we played

we built

and played some more!!

There was go cart riding

lazer tag playing

game experiencing

wild animal riding

mini golfing

and music playing.

Hubby's family got to experience our baby girl leading worship 

and a grandson 

and nephew
was officially welcomed into the family!  

Even Buddy seemed to smile a lot:)

We tried some family photos...and learned we are a crazy bunch!!
(should I be concerned that Mélika and I have the same silly face??)

We are so very thankful that our family made the LONG drive south 
to share some amazing memories with us!!!  


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