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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stand Strong

It is so very important to us that we do life together.  
Even when we serve in ministry, as much as possible...we do that as a family as well.  

If you have not caught on yet...we have a love and passion for Jesus!

We also have a passion for children!

Mix the two together...and our clan is in the middle of it:)

This past week we were blessed to take part in our church's Vacation Bible School.  

My hubby was one of the bible teachers, Aaron was a crew helper, the girls and I were part of the worship team, and then the girls also helped out in crews when they were not on stage.  

I had an absolutely fabulous group of young adults to rock it out for Jesus!  We are a bit on the silly side...but that is the way we like it!!

And our fabulous photographer has a challenge to get me a new profile photo each year.  
(I usually don't stand still long enough and most photos are mid jump with crazy mouth and hair)

 This was the winner!
I choose to be known as one who worships our heavenly father with reckless abandon 
even if it embarrasses our children:)

And this is why we give of our time and energy!  
Each of those sweet little people in the sea of hands represents a heart that needs to 
know the Lord, and "STAND STRONG" for HIM!!

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