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Friday, November 22, 2013

Life Keeps Moving Forward

I have no real excuses for not keeping up with the blog writing side of things.  

I think there are seasons where I need to share it all out loud,

and seasons that I cherish the moment and ponder it in my heart.  

And, truth be told, there are seasons where you just hope that you can accomplish a great school day, your shirt isn't inside out, and there is a clean pair of socks somewhere in the house.

We have shared some fabulous moments as we grow together...

A very special young lady turned 13!!!!
and is growing into such a beautiful young woman!!
(I know...we need more locks for the house)

We spent the afternoon taking pictures at her favorite place...

 with her favorite 4 legged friends.

She went on a very special dinner date with her daddy!!
They talked about trusting daddy with her heart until it is time to give it to another.

 After their special date they came home to have cake and presents with the rest of the family.

We love you sweet girl and look forward to seeing what this next year brings!!

Aaron has made great strides over the past weeks as well.
He is not a tremendous risk taker.  
He likes to know what is planned and what is involved in a given activity.  
It took much courage for our sweet boy to try out for a competitive team!

For weeks he tried everything he could to get out of going to practice and games.
But that was his fear talking.  

Aaron is growing in confidence each time he walks on the court!!

Yesterday was a rough day for this mama.  (my next post for sure)
Aaron, looked at me and said, "Mommy, do you know that I love you?"

Oh the growth we have made!!!!!

Our oldest baby girl is growing as well.
She has been seeking God's will for her life
as we near the end of the first semester of her senior year.

Mélika has known since she was 13 that she wants to be a full time missionary.
The challenge has been to discern God's plan for getting her there.

Her youth pastor gave a challenge to the graduating seniors...
he asked them to consider putting their plans of college/jobs aside for one year
and GO to serve others and seek God's will for their life.
The catch is that they would not choose WHERE they would go.

Our daughter is absolutely beside herself excited
about where she is going and what she will be doing.
(I choose not to share the location online for her safety and those she may be interacting with)

Here father and I are also very very excited for this priceless opportunity
to be the hands and feet of Christ!!

And this will be just one more opportunity
to keep this mama on her knees before our Father God!!

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