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Monday, December 2, 2013

Too Good Not to Share

As God continues to stretch and grow us, 
there are times when we look to others, in the body of Christ, for encouragement. 

As my heart longs to be a mom of many, 
I often look to seasoned mamas who walk their lives outloud
being real, giving all glory to Christ.  

Although I have only met her in the bloggy world, 
Miss Linny, over at A Place Called Simplicity   
is one sweet mama of many that blesses me so very much!!

Because of her encouragement I am going to choose to share a
Memorial Box Monday Post as well:)

I shared in earlier posts of how God was so very faithful 
in providing every last penny we needed to adopt our son, 
and how HE went above and beyond to bless our socks off...
just because HE can!!

Over the past several months, 
we found ourselves in a difficult position financially.
No, I am not just talking about adding a teenage boy that can eat you out of house and home:):)

In what felt like a very short time, 
we had preparation for braces for one child,
extensive dental for another.
There were physicals, specialist consults, ultrasounds, 
and a surprise surgery.  
We had a need for an orthopedic specialist,
and three batteries of allergy testing.

Quite frankly, it was the making of a medical/dental snowball 
that felt as if it could consume us at any given moment.

I probably should not admit this, 
but at some point...we stopped opening the envelopes.
We just filed them unopened into a plastic bin.

The enemy of our soul wanted us to feel 

But the truth is friends...
We are more than conquerors in Christ (Romans 8:37).  

We knew in Christ's strength we could open the envelopes and calculate the debt accumulated.  
We had to know the total so we could hand it over to Christ 
and trust HIM to lead us in how to meet the need.

We tucked our children into bed, and took out "the bin".  
Together hubby and I opened, piled, organized, and calculated.

We wrote that ugly number down, circled it, and started petitioning for God to intervene.
We prayed together, we prayed alone, we prayed with the kids for God to provide.  

We had no idea where the money could come from.  
We had already completely cut everywhere we could conceive with our human minds.  

But GOD!!!

Two weeks after writing that number down...
God provided in one lump sum...
from a source we would have never guessed...

I can tell you God does not always answer within two weeks,
and rarely in my experience has he answered in one lump sum...

But what I can tell you is this...

in each and every circumstance!!!

And each time he answers the petitions of our heart,
our faith grows to new levels and we have confidence to step out boldly for HIM!!!

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  1. I love your story. He does it over and over and over for you, for others, for us. Thank you for sharing. It encouraged my soul in what we are currently facing.

    Honest to goodness, when I did the Thanksgiving linky it never crossed my mind. However, I have a bloggy friend, Gloria, who posts on my FB wall every now and then, "I miss MBM"...and since getting my 'it' back, I have felt much more encouraged to I was thinking about writing it, all of a sudden I remembered that 24{!} people had linked up for Thanksgiving...and why not ask them to link again? Soooo fun!

    And for the record...we're going to do a Christmas linky too...would love to have you participate in that too.

    As for the Linky not working...ugh. I have tried to fix it on the Linky dashboard edit option, but a box pops up that won't allow me....I am going to reboot my computer and try 'editing' it again from internally. I have, in the meantime, written to Mr. Linky himself. He usually gets back fairly quickly. If worse comes to worse, I will try deleting your entry and reposting it....hate to do it will move you link down in the pile.

    Anyway, thank you again. I am grateful for your participation. Your blog has a true sense of peace as I open it up...clearly, exuding your heart of worship and praise. Your friend, Linny