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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Hurting Heart

My Heart Hurts!

Not because of anything in my personal journey to our boys...
(God is doing the miraculous and we are so very thankful!!)

My heart hurts for

Even as we run forward to double the number of children in our family
I see and pray for hundreds of beautiful treasures
that still need a mommy and daddy.  

Our agency is hosting a Philippines Summer Hosting Program
There are 12 gorgeous, healthy children ranging in age from 7-14
that could come to the United States for a few weeks this summer.
Each child is legally free for adoption and longs for a forever family!

The deadline is Friday for families to open their hearts to these children.  
NOT ONE CHILD of the 12 has a family as of today!!!
Oh how my heart is breaking.  

Then there are children like little Ethan!
He is a BEAUTIFUL little 6 year old
that is fun loving, smart, social, well behaved...
he speaks fluent English and is on target developmentally and academically. 
Because of a discovery of Hep B on his recent physical
he does not have a forever family.  
 Hep B cannot be 'Caught' through daily interactions.
In the US we are inoculated for this sweet boy cannot infect others he plays with.
He is a precious little treasure, who at no fault to his own, 
is carrying a a virus (that is treatable) in his blood.  

As I type this, 
I am looking at his cheesy grin 
and trying to understand why he is not being lavished with love in a forever family.  

I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot adopt them all (although I sure would love to!!!)

God has provided many opportunities over the past months for me to share our testimony and encourage others to step out in faith to bring sweet treasures into their families.  

But there are days
where my heart just hurts!!

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