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Friday, February 14, 2014

Puzzle Fundraiser - Help Us Bring Our "Missing Pieces" Home!!

It's Valentine's Day ya'll
What a perfect day to launch our puzzle fundraiser!  

God has given us an overwhelming love 
for three precious treasures from the Philippines (ages 17, 11, and 9)

Will you help us bring our "missing pieces" home? 

1. Each piece of the puzzle costs $20 (you can purchase one piece or several pieces)

2. To purchase please click the paypal DONATE button on the right of this blog page OR you can
    email me ( for our address to send a check in the mail. 

3. When pieces are purchased we will write your name on the back of the piece(s) to have a lasting
    memory of those who helped bring our sons home.
4. Once the pieces have been "sold" and the puzzle put together, we will frame it (double sided
    glass) and hang it in our home as another example of God's faithfulness.  We will have something
    tangible to show our boys all the wonderful people who gave generously to bring them home!! (we
    will include the donations that have already come in previously and write those names on pieces as

5. We will update our progress regularly to show how the puzzle is forming!!

Because we are transparent and sharing this journey OUTLOUD...

Application/E-adopt fees: $350 PAID
Homestudy: $1,100 PAID
Dossier Fee: $1,000 PAID
Psychological update: $330 PAID
I-800A immigration: $890 PAID
The next chunk needed asap is $4,500 in agency fees to get our dossier to the Philippines.  We have paid $900 toward that fee so far:)

Our total adoption cost is estimated at $30,780.  

Although this amount looks ginormous...We know that we serve an even BIGGER GOD that places the lonely in their own families.  HE IS FAITHFUL and HE will move mightily to bring our boys home!!  

I have another request...
Would you consider sharing the link to this blog post on your blog, social media, or email your friend list??  We are hoping this will go viral and many will have the opportunity to participate in bringing three priceless treasures to their forever family!!


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