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Saturday, September 29, 2012


My most sincere apologies!!!!

I dropped the ball...

and didn't keep ya'll updated with the most spectacular news!!!!
(In my defense, I had a house full of people for the week and we were celebrating over here!!)

Monday morning, September 24th, we learned that we were officially matched and that we


In adoption speak that means that we have passed the biggest hurdle, and can now countdown to bringing our son home!!

NOW, we wait for his documents to arrive so we can apply for his visa, then there are a few hoops on the Philippines side....THEN WE TRAVEL!!  

We have been told it usually takes 3 months from receiving the documents to travel.  


Our agency has tried to give us a very realistic timeline and have told us that more than likely we will not be able to travel for Aaron until January because of offices being closed for the holiday, and the ICAB has been taking much time lately to forward the needed documents.

I am thankful that they provide honest, realistic information...

but this mama is going to continue to pray for favor and miracles!!!!  


But, of course our heavenly father knows ALL of this and will do what is best for all involved!!!

So what else has been keeping us busy???

Well, we ran a 5K for Compelled by Love
 to raise money to help free girls and women from human trafficking
(we all finished... but some of us were VERY sore that night and the next day!!
I guess this old lady should try training next time:)

We had a great week with my parents, sister, and niece...

and as always...there was much horsing around!!

Lovin' on barn kitties...

And a certain pampered pooch found a way to stay on grammy's lap most of the week:)

 Last night we were very challenged at a missions banquet 
by guest speaker Dick Brogden, author of the Live Dead Journal!!  
And that would be a whole different post:)

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