Growth...of our our walk with all things to worship HIM!

Monday, September 17, 2012

16 years

Where has the time gone!  

It is as if I blinked and my chubby cheeked baby

had her first birthday

comforted a brother

developed a love of art

had her first dance class

rode her first bike

 embarked on her first day of school

her first opportunity to step out for those without a voice

welcomed a sister

developed a heart of praise

a love of books (the Philly Library was closed)

 a love of critters

especially the fluffy kind:)

 a love of music

 a love of sharing Jesus with littles

a love of God's word

a love of sleep:)

a heart broken for what breaks HIS

 a love of riding

a love of adventure

a love of missions

 a love of worship

 Our chubby cheeked baby grew into a lovely young lady

 Although I don't know where the time went...
and I am certainly not old enough to have a 16 year old daughter...
I am so very thankful to our heavenly father for lending her to us and allowing us to watch her grow in the ways of the Lord over the past 16 years!!  


  1. Beautiful pictures to honor your beautiful daughter! Precious! Jo Anna

  2. She was a cute little thing and now she's a beautiful young lady, inside & out!!! I know you are so very proud of her and what she is allowing GOD to do in her and through her. May you continue to soak in the moments no matter how fast they seem to fly by. Ahem!! NO!!! Neither one of us are old enough to have children this age and beyond - LOL!!!