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Monday, November 19, 2012

Over due approval announcement!

I was out of commission for two weeks with a sinus infection.  
Yep, this stubborn gal waited 12 days before seeing a doctor:)  

But in the midst of it all...God blessed our socks off!!

On Tuesday, November 6th, something spectacular happened!!

We had been waiting nearly two weeks for the additional document 
requested by our immigration officer.  
You remember...the one needed to have I800 visa clearance...

The document was requested but not a word was heard in that two week period of time.  
On November 6th I decided to call our immigration officer to see if the ICAB may have wired the needed document directly to them. 

When I called I learned that nothing was wired.

But then something miraculous happened!!!
The kind officer on the other end of the phone line put me on hold...for quite some time.  
This mama was praying and praying as I waited:)

A few minutes later the officer informed me that she could approve our I800!!! realize that this was AGAIN completely orchestrated by God.  
I felt very strongly that I needed to call that evening...
had I not called the officer would not have taken a second look at our file...
no new documents were sent...but we still got approved!!!


HE is our grace extending, 
mountain moving, 
blesses beyond what we could ask or imagine
kind of Father!  

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