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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hello, my name is Joy, and I am a slacker!!!

Hee, hee
I have been busy ya'll.  

It has been brought to my attention AGAIN 
by my lovely sister
That I have been keeping folks in bloggy land hanging for quite some time.  

The truth is...we are great, and we are busy!!

 I have been trying to keep these jokers moving along in school 
so we can close up the year in a timely manner.  
(Yep, this Mama wants to be finished as much as the kiddos!!)

And we have been working to assess where my third joker is on the academic front. 
( I want to pause here to express my amazement at how quickly he has improved 
in his ability to speak and understand the English language!!) 

There have been...

first haircuts

First bike

First hoops

And first dentist appointment

First field trip - Civil War battle ground

First crazy Costco run:)

And first Sweet Frog frozen yogurt

He has played much

And has been kissed much:)

We have taken dress up to a whole new level:)

But the bonding is priceless!!

And we have also tried riding WITHOUT Ate (big sister) on the horse!!

This was our best attempt at getting a family photo to send to ICAB this month
(yea!!  We are all looking at the camera and almost look happy:):)

Our oldest has been getting her worship groove on in preparation 
for the fine arts competition coming up next month.  

And our animal whisperer has been loving on her beloved pooch as well as all the neighborhood dogs, stable horses, cats, and dogs.  

 Between school, church activities, and appointments...
this Mama is strivin' to get myself to sleep before the next day starts.  

But I love this season God has us in!!!  
I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY!!!

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