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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tales of the Dentist...

Our God is soooo very faithful!

Our sweet boy is doing so very well.  
He has overcome so many things over the past two months!!
At the same time, he has some real fears.  

One of those fears is of the dentist.  
Rumor has it that the last time he went to a dentist in the Philippines, 
he fled when he saw the needle for Novocain.
I wasn't quite sure what to say when he told me about that incident.  
I have had my share of fear of the dentist but I would have never considered running:)

We prayed much, and encouraged as best we could...
but sweet boy struggled so very much to go to the dentist for the first time.
I reassured him that it was just for a cleaning and for the dentist to look at his teeth. 
No needles, and no extractions!!!!!
He was terrified for days and I started wondering if I was going to be able to get him in that chair!!

On the morning of his first dentist appointment he kept telling me OH NO...I DON'T WANT TO GO.  
We did a devotion that morning on fear.
I had hoped to talk about how we are all human, and humans naturally have fears 
that Christ can take away. 

I started many of you are humans.
The oldest quickly raised her hand...thought better of it and said...NO, I am an alien!
The next daughter said...I am a horse!
Our son says...HUMAN...what human (meaning what is a human)??
This was not going so well!!  
Ok, scratch that...
let's look up some truth in the good book:)

I asked the kids to find John 4:18
Our oldest found it quickly, made a face and said are you sure mama.  
I said of course I am it.
She shrugged her shoulders and read...
"The fact is, you have had five husbands,
and the man you now have is not your husband"!!??!!

scratch that!!!
In reality I was looking for FIRST John 4:18
"There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear..."

Then our precious boy, when he realized I had asked for the wrong verse said,
"Oh no, oh no Mommy!!!  I highlight it!!"  
This my friends is where we all lost it.  
We laughed so hard it hurt.  

And before we knew it, our time was up, and we needed to leave for the dentist.  
We prayed on the way, listened to worship music, and talked.
My son looked like he wanted to dissolve into the seat.  
When we arrived he breathed several times and hesitated to get out of the car.  
Oh how I prayed and oh how my heavenly father is soo very gracious to me.

Before I knew it, Aaron was in the chair and being loved on by such a special gal!  
This same gal got me through several stressful dentist visits myself over the year 
by sharing her journey to adopting her sweet treasure.  
She has been following our journey and looked forward to meeting our son!!
Thank you friend for your fabulous care and helping Aaron make it through the FIRST visit.  

Truth is, Aaron has quite a bit that needs to be done, 
so we really had to pray hard, and face those fears.  
Aaron was so very upset every day and night before the first appointment. 
I didn't want to wait too long to schedule the first "work" visit, 
because the anxiety of it all could just be worse than the actually visit.

We scheduled an appointment for the following week to remove two teeth, do a few fillings, and sealant on the one side of his mouth.   
When Aaron learned he needed to have teeth pulled, panic was immediate.  
He went home and in the course of two hours found a way to get one of the teeth out on his own!!! 
I was so heartbroken to explain that even if he got both teeth out...he was still going to need a shot for the fillings.  

But on that day...
Our heavenly father met my sweet boy once again.  
We arrived early,
and this sweet Filipina met us at the door!!!
Even though she didn't speak a lick of helped to put him at ease!!

She showed Aaron the ex-ray of his mouth.

Talked to him about all the instruments and what she would do

 Showed him where they would work

and even drew a picture of what the baby tooth that needed to come out 
looked like on top of the adult tooth

The dentist also took much time with him and explained what she would do

Success!!!!!  He made it through and got treasures to take home:)

We need to return again to have work done on the other side of his mouth.  
But for today...
this Mama is so very thankful for God's faithfulness!!!!!

HE sustained my son
HE gave the support we needed
HE comforted this Mama as I watched my son work through his fear

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  1. Love your families candidness! Your stories have been so encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing!

    I gave you a little plug in my blog today :)

    Have a good day!
    Lauren @ Aunt LaLa