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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I know I have been slacking in the blogging department...
But hang in there...
I have exciting news!!!
(no, we are not adopting again...YET...but hope to in the near future:)

What is a child lovin', 
adoption advocate sorta mama to do 
while loving on the treasures that she has been blessed with, 
and waiting for the Lord to lead where/when to adopt next???

Well, she does just that...Loves children and advocates for them:)

Last summer I got on my high horse after spending a week volunteering 
with our local Royal Family Kids Camp.  
You can go back and read it here For the Love of Littles

RFKC is a camp where foster children (ages 7-11) can have positive, fun, life changing experiences.
A place where they learn about a loving God and are accepted for who they are. 

After volunteering in a camp of this kind, 
all you want to do is find some words...some possible way to explain
the magnitude of this camp and what it is like to experience it.  

Well bloggy friends...
I am so very excited to tell you that you can get a taste of what this camp is, 
and the impact it has on abused and neglected children!!!

Inspired by true stories,
is an amazing movie that shows that hope can be found in unexpected places.  
CAMP will only be shown in 100 select cities across the country.


So not only will you get to have a CAMP experience...
The director has graciously decided to give back 40% of his royalties from our local showing to our Wake County camp!!!!!!
You may not be able to volunteer with these amazing kids this summer,
but most of us can attend a $10 movie!!

Come on out and bring your friends!!!!!

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