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Sunday, July 22, 2012

For the love of littles...

I have avoided posting lately because I just have not had words to express what has been transpiring in my heart.  

We have been in a season of stretching, molding, and changing for quite some time.  

There have been times that I have asked God...haven't we stretched enough already???

But then, HE shows us areas where we can continue to be crafted.  

Over the past two weeks much has happened.  I have wanted to share, but truly lacked words.  

The first week we saw our oldest daughter off to do what she was made to do....share the love of Jesus with children from every nation, tribe, and tongue.  We have had few updates along the way but I look forward to hearing every last detail when she returns home Wednesday.  

THEN...I prepared to step out to serve at Royal Family Kids Camp.  
This is a camp where foster children (ages 7-11) can have positive, fun, life changing experiences.  
A place where they learn about a loving God and are accepted for who they are.  

I knew there was a reason that I was to attend this camp, this year...
I also knew it was going to MESS ME UP!  

The counselors and staff arrived at camp Sunday afternoon to begin set up.  

Monday, before lunch, our 46 campers arrived.  

Some exited the bus with stoic faces, some with fear, others that had been to camp before ran off the bus ready for the fun week ahead.

Throughout the week the campers were able to swim, fish, canoe, construct things out of wood, 

make crafts, dress up, and play games.  

They sang and danced, learned bible truths, and were given a listening ear.  

They were able to eat their fill of yummy food,
watched a movie with popcorn, participated in "Olympic" games, and had a birthday party.
Through these activities, the love shown by adult volunteers, and MUCH PRAYER...these campers we able to have fun, POSITIVE experiences.  Their protective walls that were constructed around their hearts were able to come down, the prickly exteriors shed.  

The truth of the matter is...they are kids!!  
Kids that thrive under praise, kids that melt in a safe hug, 
kids that have feelings, and desire to be wanted!

So many times we as adults have preconceived ideas of foster children.  
We see their pasts, their baggage, their family ties.  
We see the rough protective exterior and feel the need to run the opposite way.  

When considering adoption, many of us are terrified of our home grown children.  
If it were not so there would not be approximately 424,000 in our foster care system.  

Please hear my heart...I am not pointing fingers or casting judgement...I am sharing where I have been.  

We considered adopting from the foster care system when we started this journey.  
We went to the meetings and asked many questions.  

The truth of it...we had hoped to have a baby again...
we know first hand the challenges of raising children who have had less than optimal beginnings.  
WE thought we would take an EASIER route this time:)  

I chuckle as I write this...because our heavenly father had an entirely different plan for family.  

In a few months we are bringing home a 12 year old son!!  
An older child...something we had feared and ran from in the past:)  
BUT our heavenly father has been stretching us, growing us, and preparing us for HIS plan!  
God has given us an unexplainable, unconditional love for our son we have yet to meet!!

And in the midst...HE introduces me to 46 older children that live in my own backyard.  
My heart aches for these littles and some of their situations.  

My husband came to camp on Wednesday evening to help with the "olympic" games.  
He of course represented Canada and lead the hockey activities.  

In those few hours I found myself introducing hubby to each and every child and hoping he would fall in love with each of them in two hours as I had over the past three days!!

Although hubby didn't experience 5 days and nights with these precious littles...
God used the short time that he was there.  He met the littles, heard my stories, and watched the video wrap-up of RFKC 2012.  

On our way back from church this morning, hubby was quiet.  I didn't think too much of it at the time. 
Later he approached me and said, "Sorry I was quiet on the way home...God was confirming in my heart that we need to adopt SEVERAL MORE CHILDREN....I was trying to think of tangible ways of reducing expenses and stretch each dollar."  

I have been praying for a house the past, hubby has said one or two more.  
Today we have moved on to a whole new chapter!!  

I don't know where our other children will come from.  
They may be from the Philippines, other countries, or our backyard.  

What I do know is that we are continuing to be stretched, molded, and grown for God's great plan!!!

We are called to defend the fatherless, look after orphans their distress, and love those in our territory.  

We will continue to walk the journey God places before us... 
as HE continues to grow our heart for littles!

I urge you to be in prayer as to what HE may be calling you to do...for the love of littles!!!


  1. As the pastor said this morning, we have to release our worries and let God work it out the way HE wants to work it out. It seems HE's doing just that for your family. What a blessing it is to walk this journey in prayer with you. Glad you had a wonderful week at RFKC!

  2. Your story has inspired me. Truly. Your transparency of your faith is refreshing. I've read your entire blog. I just couldn't stop, reading about your journey. The test and trials. Then to see it coming together for the Glory of God is nothing short of amazing! Your family is in my prayers!


  3. Thank you so much for being transparent...and challenging, Joy! I have God-bumps all over my arms right now!