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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Makin' Memories

I can truly say that I have never experienced a summer so very busy!!  

We are going to get it all out of our system before our sweet boy comes home and we settle into our new normal.  

This past week my sister and her two youngest children came for a visit.  

The cousins had much fun together...and the adults...well, game on!!

Something all our children have in common is the love of horses!!  

They worked together

And rode together in NC.

some rode bare back...

one rode English... 

and one rode Western.  

 Ok...this one cracks me up!!

THEN...auntie blessed my baby girl and took her back to PA for a special visit while Mélika works on fundraising and last minute training for her missions trip to Venezuela!!

The girls got to ride together once again.

The cool northern weather could not stop them!!

Last one in is a rotten egg....

...or just a little cold:)

Priceless moments...God has so richly blessed us!!  

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