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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Catching UP!!

Good morning!  

I know I have been slacking in the blogging department...
but hang in there...God is movin' and shaken'!!

First of all...
Our yard sale/fundraiser this past Saturday was a HUGE success!!!

We had curbside advertising...

A smiling bake sale attendant...

And so many fabulous items to sell!

WE MADE $1,063    

to all who donated, baked, helped, and bought!!

Through the Give1Save1 video and the yard sale...

God provided $6,363 in the last TWO WEEKS!!!  
To say that we are super excited would be a complete understatement!!!

  We still need $4,167 when our referral comes in but my heavenly father knows exactly where that is coming from!!!!

Sunday was Father's Day!!!

I am so very blessed to have a wonderful Father!!  I wish we lived closer and could spend more time together...but I treasure our visits and phone calls when I can get them.  We had a fabulous visit from my parents recently.  Unfortunately we didn't take many photos.  

But I can tell you that this....

 provoked a response of this...

It is all good dad!  My baby girl is doing great behind the wheel!!

God has also blessed me with a fabulous husband/partner/best friend!  
He is such a loving husband and father!!!!  
What a blessing to raise children with this man of mine!!!!

For Father's Day we took him out to celebrate southern pig!!

We also got him a cool shirt that says "Real Men Defend the Fatherless"

We learned Monday that a new law in the Philippines COULD push our travel date back to Christmas or January!!!!  

Friends...that information was very difficult for this mama to hear!!  

Not only is it difficult to wait, but if you remember, we were expecting to travel last Christmas for the twins in Oklahoma.  
It makes me physically sick to think about the idea of waiting through Christmas again. 

I have to remember that EVERY detail of this process is in God's capable hands 
and it will all work out according to HIS PLAN!!

Hubby and I went to our local immigration office this morning for fingerprints.  
It is required for the crucial document that will make all the difference in our timeline!!

Unfortunately because of an error I made earlier, hubby didn't have the needed appointment form to get his done.  

We prayed much before and during the appointment.  

After it looked like we would not be able to get his fingerprints...we learned that the ones he had done for his recent green card renewal should still be valid!!!

Please join us in prayer that the prints will be valid, they will make their way to mine and our document, and that we will get our needed approval SOON!!!!

God continues to teach me patience and reliance on HIM every step of this journey!!!


  1. I somehow found your blog and was excited to learn you are adopting from the Philippines . Our family is also in the process of adopting from there. I'm curious to know what this new law is.

    1. Hello Clarinda! My understanding is that in the past the ICAB would simultaniously prepare and send the referral for the child while the I-800A is being processed. They now require the I-800A to be approved and in their hand before the referral is issued. HOWEVER, I know that God has HIS perfect timing and plan for our family!!! I would love to hear about your journey to adopt!!!!!

  2. Hi Joy, I believe I met you at T4A in Winston-Salem on April 28th. You traveled down with Nikki. I am so thrilled to read that things are progressing--although always slower than we would like. We have been home 6 weeks with our sons. Is your family coming to the Philippines Ties party in July? We would love to see you there. This is will be our fourth year in attendance but first with our Filipino kids. Hope you can make it! Jo Anna

  3. Jo Anna, YES...I remember meeting you! I would love to hear how things are going with your boys home! I do not know the details for the Philippines Ties party but if our schedule permits... we would love to come!