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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Praising in the Bustle

It has been a whirlwind of activity over the last several weeks in our home!  You know it is bad when your happy go children, who love activity, tell you that it is too much and time to slow down.

In all of the bustle I neglected to share a huge praise report!  

$5,300 came in through give1save1!!!!!

to all who prayed, shared, and gave donations!!!!

God is so incredibly faithful and we are simply speechless!!!!

I have another sweet story I must share...
We have some dear friends that live in another state.  When their 11 year old daughter saw our video she wanted to do something.  Her parents had already supported us in our fundraising efforts.  But this sweet gal watched the totals change over the week and was compelled to action.  

This past weekend she had a lemonade stand and bake sale.  She was set up and outside at 
6:00am on a Saturday!!!

She was so very excited to call me and share that she made 
$100 in a few short hours!!!

Thank you sweet girl!!!!  
We are so blessed by your heart and willingness to take action!!!  

We are having an adoption yard sale this Saturday as well.  If you are in the area...please stop by
520 Bouree Circle, Raleigh 7am-3pm

If you are not in the area...please pray that God will continue to move mountains and provide!

This week our entire family, minus a certain 12 year old boy we can't wait to bring home, 
volunteered at our church's VBS - BABYLON!!

Stéphane played Ashpenaz (friend of Daniel) in bible adventures, 

Mélika, Kylee and I were on the worship team,

and Mélika worked at the missions booth in the market place.  

Today is our last day to share the love of Jesus in Babylon!  
But in the weeks ahead we will be doing local and foreign missions with precious littles!!
What a blessing it is to serve!!!

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  1. awhhh what a SWEET kid!! (: and I can't wait for next year when Aaron comes to VBS!!!