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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

God's Handprints

God is sooo very faithful!!

I truly cannot say enough about how very thankful we are for God's grace, provision, and guidance throughout this journey!!

We see HIS hand prints on the little details, and the earth shattering miracles.
Each and every day we are in awe of HIS goodness!!

We are still in need of finances to bring Aaron home.  
We have been in the grant application stage.  
We do not qualify for some adoption grants because hubby is not a US citizen...yet.  
And some grants have deadlines that have passed.  
Currently we are trying to move mountains to get three grant applications in by the end of the week.  
We have had some challenges and set backs but we are praying to have the documents needed to overnight the applications before their deadlines.  

But, in the midst of it all, I see HIS handprints.  

It was confirmed today that Stéphane's fingerprints, that were already on file, can be used for our US immigration form!  That is an answer to prayer.  

We have had dear friends and our pastor produce reference letters in record breaking time so our applications can be sent this week!!

We are working with a WONDERFUL adoption agency that not only has a heart for children and families, but responds to my endless questions with extreme patience and kindness.  

They also worked quickly to produce the needed documentation required for our grant applications.

But... there is something else that blessed my socks off...
Three staff members, that I know of, have shared our give1save1 video on their personal social network accounts.  They didn't have to do is not part of their job!  
I see this as a complete tribute to their heart for the children and families they serve.  

We learned that if folks go back to the blog page with our give1save1 video, donations can still be made to our account by clicking the DONATE HERE button under our video.  
(Please note that if the large donate button is used on the sidebar...
funds will go to the current fundraising family...not us) additional $70 came in this week from the video!!  
God is continuing to bless us even after our featured week is over!!!

ALSO...Yep...there is more:)
God has opened doors to network with other adoptive families that have brought children home from the Philippines.  We learned of three different families today alone!! 

We are still praying to be able to travel with our new friends from PA that are adopting a beautiful little boy from Aaron's orphanage.  

God has all that in HIS capable hands as well!!

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  1. We are also adopting from the Philippines! Our son is in foster care, not an orphanage. We hope to travel this fall!