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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Me of Little Faith...

We have been living in bliss the past few weeks!!! 

We are skype-ing with the most beautiful boy in the world!!

I especially love to watch his gorgeous eyes dance when he speaks to us...
and then there is the sweet voice laced with a charming Filipino accent.  


We (and the family we hope to travel with) have been waiting to receive our I 800 visa approval.  
My sweet friend called me Thursday morning to tell me that she just got off the phone with the immigration officer.  She told me that she got her approval and that I needed to call immigration right away!!  

I was overjoyed!!

I sent my paperwork the same time she did 
so there was a wonderful chance we would get ours as well:)  

I was routed to the correct officer and learned that she had our file in hand, 
and would review it this morning for approval!!!

If we received the approval that day...another week would be shaved off our anticipated timeline!!!  We have been reminded many times that it would take a miracle to get the boys home by Christmas, but we have continued to pray and believe!!

I was dancing around our home envisioning Christmas lights twinkling in our son's eyes as we read the Christmas story from the Bible together in our PJ's Christmas morning.  

My beloved day dream came to a screeching halt just a few minutes later 
when the Immigration Officer called me back.

I was informed that the ICAB didn't send the documents that they usually send with the referral.  I looked over my copy of the documents and asked if a certain document would be sufficient. 

The officer got off  the phone to talk to her supervisor.
And I called my hubby, who is on a business trip in CA, so that we could pray together.  

A few minutes later I learned that immigration will not accept our document...and that we have to get our hands on a different one.  

I will be completely honest with you...I fell in a heap and cried hysterically.  

Not attractive, I am fully aware.  

I felt like the lights went out on my Christmas miracle.  

The good news is that I didn't stay there!  

After much prayer and worship throughout the day, I eventually came back to truth.

God didn't stop being in control because I received news I didn't want or anticipate.  

This new bump in the road was not a surprise to HIM.

HE didn't leave my side...I simply looked away.

It frustrates me that I can still be shaken so quickly.
It is confirmation to my need to be firmly planted in Christ throughout the day.
I did devotions that morning.  I worshipped and prayed.

But when the unexpected came...I still faltered.

I still have much to learn in this journey.
My prayer is that I will grow in HIM every step of the way and that HE will continue to mold and craft me into who HE has made me to be!

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