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Monday, October 8, 2012

Today is my new favorite:)

Oh if you could see what I see!!!!

This morning, at 7:24am to be exact...

the most wonderful gift arrived in my email box!!!!!


and not just ANY photos

Photos of our gorgeous son 

looking at the album of our family!!!

I cannot begin to tell you what a sweet gift that was to this mama's soul!!

We were blessed with photos of each stage of Aaron seeing our family, from wrapped gift to the last page.  His eyes smiled on the pages that were written in Tagalog.  It may have been because of the content, or it may have been because he could read them himself.  

I think my father summed it up best today.  
We could not have asked for a better response when he saw our family for the first time!!!

I had originally decided to declare today as 
National Aaron Knows He Has A Family Day

but truth be told...that was Friday.

So, shall be declared
National Stare At Your New Son Day!!!!

And that my friends is the holiday that I am claiming to justify accomplishing NOTHING on this freezing rainy day!!  

So, to celebrate, I have been curled up on the sofa with a fleece blanket staring at our cutie pie!!!

I think the holiday is going extremely well!  

And, there are rumors of a video!!!
So, there may be more holiday celebrations tomorrow.  


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