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Sunday, February 3, 2013

And God Grew a Family....Part 2

My days and nights were turned and 3am Monday morning seemed to be my internal wake up call.  

There is nothing quite like waking up with your beautiful family sleeping soundly around the room.  
I looked at each of their slumbering faces to insure the previous day was not simply a fabulous dream.  

My twelve year olds were awake early and ready for some art projects.

After a fabulous breakfast

we went into town,

 visited Aaron's school,

and went to a fabulous Filipino restaurant!!

I truly cannot say enough good things about Aaron's orphanage!!
Every moment we spent with them allowed us to see their hearts for the children they serve
and their love of Christ!!

Monday afternoon they gave us the privilege of sharing our journey to Aaron with the staff!
You see, they give of themselves daily for these wonderful children, and then hand them into the arms of their forever family.
Rarely are they able to hear all the adoptive family went through before arriving there.
And in our case, all the obstacles that God used to show himself strong!!

We were able to share the love that God grew in our hearts for Aaron.
And tried to express our thankfulness for all they have done in raising Aaron
to be the young man he is today!!!

Our kids took a play break as we prepared for a very special shopping trip.

There were a few things that we had been praying much about before traveling to Aaron. 

1.  That God would prepare Aaron's heart for our arrival...Check!

2.  That our entire family could travel to get Aaron.  This has been a three year process and our girls have been through all the ups and downs with us on this journey.  It was so very important that they be with us when we welcomed Aaron into our family!!  I will not share all the details here...but in the 11th hour, God provided exactly what we needed, at the exact time we needed it to book our flights...Check!!!

3.  We wanted so very much to be able to bless the orphanage with supplies while we were there!!  We were able to collect some generous donation of vitamins, dental items, soaps, lotions, etc.  But my heart longed to somehow do more.  Two days before we were to travel, God did the miraculous once again!!        He provided a sum of money that would allow us to stock the orphanage shelves for several months!!!  

God didn't need us to bless the orphanage.  He knows what they need and will provide.  
But HE blessed us, by allowing us to be a part of HIS blessing to them!!  
How very humbling it is when God allows us to be HIS hands and feet!  

Ready to get our shopping groove on!!

It is difficult to see as we had carts EVERYWHERE...

But a few hours later...

and with many hard workers...

We were able to fill nine carts of food, diapers, formula, laundry detergent...

And then...we were able to buy volleyball net with ball, and basketball net with ball!!!!

The next day there was the purchase of 6 bags of rice and 2 large propane tanks for cooking!!

Please understand that this had nothing to do with us....
and everything to do with HIM!!!  

I do not share this to toot our horn and say look at what we did.  
The fabulous thing about our entire journey is that

All praise, all glory, and all honor goes to Christ alone!!!


  1. There are hardly words, but BEAUTIFUL comes to mind. It has been a blessing to pray for, encourage, and watch God work in your family and through your family. It was so special to see Aaron's precious face and happy smile at church yesterday. Although, this particular journey has come to an end, I know HE is not finished just yet. Blessings to you, Boutin family! Thank you for allowing us to be a part in some small way : )

  2. I am a member of the Knee Team and have prayed for your family often. It's heart warming to your son's sweet smile. Thank you for letting us all be a part of your adoption journey. Blessings to your beautiful family of 5 (praying for 6). :)