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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Long Journey Home!!

We woke Monday, January 28th at Oh Dark Hundred!!!
Or 1am to be exact:(
We needed to be packed and downstairs by 2am to leave for the airport.  
Once again I somehow neglected to get a photo with the extremely generous "T" 
who graciously agreed to pick us up at this ungodly hour!!

We arrived around 3am as planned and waited in line for the ticket booth.  
The kids did such a wonderful job especially with the lack of sleep they had!!

And our great surprise...
There was not a line for immigration!!

It was amazing to watch the airplane take off through Aaron's eyes!!  

The flight from Manila to Tokyo did not have working tv screens 
but the kids still did remarkably well on the flight.  
We were very thankful that the flight from Tokyo to Detroit did indeed have movie access!!!

Everyone was very kind and helpful at immigration as we entered the country:)

We even had some down time for hubby to take a nap, Aaron to see snow out the window for the first time, and the girls to get their electronic fix:)

And then I sugared them up for the last 2 hour flight home!!

We were so very humbled and blessed again at the welcome we received at the airport.  
Although a bit overwhelming for our sweet boy, it blessed us so very much to see how many people took time from their busy day to celebrate our home coming!!!!

Thank you "J" for making this fabulous video!!  
We will cherish it always!!!

Welcome Home Aaron!!
to see:)

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