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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And God Grew a Family...part 4

Our internet service has not been working properly so there was a delay in our tale.
It it working on to part 4:)

On Wednesday, January 23rd (Filipino time),
we took yet another emotional step.  

On this day, we were to leave the orphanage that has loved our son, 
and welcomed our family with open arms.  

We were so very excited to take the step towards bringing Aaron home, 
but also grieved to watch Aaron say goodbye to a family/home that he loves!!

 We decided to keep things light and spend much time playing.

A priceless thing happened shortly before leaving.
I don't know if Aaron's house father did it on purpose, or if it was something God orchestrated...
but Aaron's unit father started shooting some hoops by himself.
Almost immediately, Aaron went to join him.

Hubby and I stayed back and watched the two share in a special moment.

They laughed

they played

They made memories!!

I am positive that these special moments will be held in their hearts for years to come!!

Then before we knew it, the jeepney arrived

 and we had to begin the painful process of saying good-bye

And then...
we were on this side of the window waving to a sea of beautiful faces 
that we have all grown to love!!

I can tell you that the 2 1/2 hours to Makati City 
were indeed some of the longest hours of my life.  

Our sweet boy turned away and grieved, 
our daughters had crocodile tears streaming down their faces...
some for Aaron, some for leaving staff and children they have grown to love as well.  

And this mama sat on that long bumpy ride fighting to hold myself together
and praying for those sitting silent around me.  

I prayed for hearts to be healed, 
for our family to continue to bond, 
and for a certain breath taking smile to return to our son's face.  

And then, as if the past 2 1/2 hours had never happened, 
the cheerful little boy returned 
as we walked through the doorway of our temporary apartment.

It would be naive to think that the grieving was done, but oh how we cherished the the giggles and hugs around the Yellow Cab pizza that evening!!!!

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