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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And God Grew a Family...Part 3

On Tuesday morning we were given the opportunity to go to the local wet/dry market.  
I have heard of the market but there is simply nothing like experiencing it for myself!!

When we returned we were able to spend some time in the baby unit!!  
Oh I wish I could show you photos of my children lovin' on those babies!!!!!!


Each of our children have such a love for littles and are so very gentle and nurturing to them!!!

Later my hubby, with the help of someone very special to us, worked together putting up the volleyball net...and just sharing their hearts:)

Then it was time to play!!

We've got this!

Someone is getting schooled:)

That has to be a foul doesn't it????

Part of the cheering squad!

I couldn't resist adding this one...she is such a ham!! 

Trying a Filipino treat...Taho
(can you see my other ham on the far left???)

Game time

Bonding time

I was asked if I would like to make some frosting for a cake for Aaron's going away party/birthday party for one of the babies turning one.  
Oh how it blessed this mama's heart to have a small part in the preparation
 for this very special evening!!!

The middles were given the distinguished privilege of helping to decorate!!
(there may have been some frosting that came up missing in this little experiment)

And some guitar lessons:)

There were many wonderful memories made throughout the day, 
but the highlight was the evening activities!!

We were invited to spend a special dinner in the unit that Aaron has lived in for the past several years.  
I would love to show you all the beautiful faces that sat around that table 
enjoying their Sinigang (pork soup) with rice!!  
I have not asked their permission so I will refrain from posting it here.  

It was such a privilege to be with those that have loved and cared for our son for so long!!
And it was wonderful to watch Aaron with his institutional siblings as well!

After dinner we had Aaron's going away party.  

Talk about emotional!!!!!!!

Let me just say it like it is...I cried UGLY...




I cried as we worshiped together,
I cried as each of the children recited their memory verses,
I cried as they showed a video of Aaron's life,
(they had a baby picture in it....yep, ugly cries)
I cried as I heard his close friends try to say words of love through their tears,
I cried as Aaron's house mother shared how she will miss Aaron but knows that he will have a better future, and then as his social worker spoke her love as well.  

At one point, a sweet little boy brought me a box of tissues!!  Yep, I had it bad!!

THEN, they asked us to come up with Aaron and say a few words.  
I had not recovered from all the ugly crying it looked something like this:)

A friend from church generously donated baseball hats for all staff and kids,
and my father made beautiful book marks for everyone that said the name of the orphanage and a bible verse on the back.  Aaron is reading the verse in this photo before handing them out to his friends.

As I have mentioned many times, Aaron's orphanage is something special!!
In additional to meeting the physical and emotional needs, 
they care about the spiritual growth of the children as well!!

They live their faith outloud and teach the children the power of prayer!!
We were so very blessed to have the older children and staff pray for our family!!
(the babies were all sleeping...except for the birthday boy:)

It has been two weeks since this photo was taken and I still struggle to put into works how thankful we are for the time we shared here!  IT WAS PRICELESS TO US!!!

Our heavenly father is sooo very faithful!!!  
And if you can believe it....
the story isn't over yet:):):)

Until next time,
One humbled Mama

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey, I truly enjoy it!