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Friday, April 6, 2012

At This Point

We have been asked many questions over the past weeks by our beloved family, friends, and followers of our journey.  Where are you...what needs to be done next...when is Aaron coming home?

We LOVE that you are walking this journey with us and very much enjoy sharing the details with anyone willing to listen.  


We are still in the paperwork/supporting documents stage.  We are simultaneously doing paperwork for the agency and for our dossier (file) for the Philippines.  

It feels like such a long time before we can bring him home, but at the same time there is comfort in knowing that Aaron is indeed the child that will come home and a birthmother will not be changing her mind somewhere in the process.  

One element of our dossier is photos of our family and home.  We were asked to take pictures of the room that Aaron will be staying in.  They want to see that we are preparing for him.  So, this week we started working on a big boy room.  

I had many ideas for a boys room.  My sweet hubby let me know that HE would like to decide on the theme and decor.  So...sports theme it is:)  

We found an awesome bed on craigslist.  And hubby worked hard to get it all assembled.  

We still need to remove the box spring from the room, and attach the sports balls to the wall.  I suggested a hockey stick for a curtain rod but hubby has an idea of lacrosse stick ends.  

And...there has been some talk of using some special hockey jerseys that are in our home.  He of course is a HUGE Canadians fan.  I went to school in Philly so I lean toward the Flyers.  One of my college friends gave Mélika a Flyers jersey when she was still an infant.  So, we will see which team wins out or if they will both make the wall.  

Hopefully we will have updated photos of a finished room in the next few days!!

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