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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Friendly Competition

We have been struggling with the fact that we cannot share our son's beautiful face with you until we bring him decided to have a friendly competition.  

A drawing competition! 
The winner of the competition will have his/her drawing posted on the side bar of the blog until our beautiful son arrives home and we can replace it with his actual photo.  

You my dear bloggy friends get to vote by leaving a comment at the end of the post!!!


May the competition begin!!

Our first exhibitor entered the race quickly and with zeal.  Although Aaron looks a bit older than this...the artist did a great job with proportion, his eyes, and was the only entry to include accurate clothing as well.

The second entry came in a few hours later the same night.  Although Aaron's face is shorter than pictured in this portrait, this artist captured his mouth and hairline.  

 The third exhibitor watched the other artists, became fearful with the competition and almost didn't enter.  But look at the results.  This exhibitor's portrait looks younger than our Aaron but was able to put a distinct sparkle in his eyes and did a great job with proportion.  

The last minute entry obviously spent countless hours slaving over this masterpiece and is surely a contender...(notice the writing on the reverse side of the page)  
Let's see...oh yeah...brief description...although this drawing looks older than Aaron, the artist exhibitor was able to capture his dark hair and properly label said drawing:)

Happy voting:)


  1. Brianna - #3
    Madison - #3
    Chris - #4 Chris said he didnt wanna make this person feel bad. lol
    Tara - #2

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