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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Closer

We are getting closer.  Each passing day brings us just a bit closer to bringing Aaron home.  

We had our interview to have our homestudy updated and converted to an international study last week.  We are blessed to have a seasoned case worker that knows all the ins and outs of international adoption, especially for the Philippines.  Faithful God!!

From the document lists that we have been following, we believed this was our last step to sending our dossier to the Philippines.  I was a bit disappointed to learn that we had three other documents that required quite a bit of time and effort to get our hands on.  We scrambled for a week.  Two of the documents have been ordered although we do not know how long the government offices will take to return them to us.  The third is simply not available. 

Ya'll know my heart...bring my sweet boy home ASAP!!!  But, once again, I am learning to hand control over to my heavenly father who has it all in HIS capable hands!!

Each leg of this journey has brought us to a place of deeper surrender.  A place where we declare that this journey is not our own and hand the reigns back to Christ.  

Aaron is HIS...HE knitted Aaron in his birthmother's womb...HE has a fabulous plan and purpose for our sweet boy.  HE loves Aaron even more than we do.  Therefore, HE will work all things together for Aaron's good!  

One of my dear friends quickly sketched this last night!  How it blessed this mama's heart!  

We are coming sweet boy!  The agency is very hesitant to give an exact timeline because so many things can change.  We were given a ballpark of September!
  BUT will happen in God's timing!


  1. What a great sketch! It DOES look like him! It's just wonderful to read these sweet words and high hopes directed at such a great kid. He will be blessed and be a blessing to your family, I have no doubt!!!

  2. It looks just like him! =) We are adopting a little boy from his orphanage, courtesy of a Nikki advocation too! Please email me, I would love to chat with you! We may even be travelling at the same time!