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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Blessing

I promised my girls and two of their friends that we could do a photo shoot for Easter.  

Before I share photos...I just have to share my Easter blessings!!!

While the girls were heading back for a clothing change for their photo shoot, an older gentleman walked towards to me.  He was dressed in tattered clothes, and clearly had not bathed in quite some time.  I knew from far off that he would be approaching me for money.  I sent the girls off together and watched as the man walked my way.  

He told me that his name is Johny, and that he needed money to go to the Hardees around the corner for something to eat.  You need to understand a few things about me.  One, I rarely ever hand money.  I have on occasion purchased a meal and returned it to someone...but I have always been concerned about the money being used for alcohol or smokes.  Two, I have this little fear about being a woman...alone...with someone that may be a threat to me or my children.  In this case, I had other children with me as well.  

But there was something in Johny's eyes that broke me to the core!  

I felt so very compelled to do something for this man.
I considered packing the girls up and driving to get him a meal.  But the day was getting away from us and I promised to be the paparazzi for four lovely ladies.  

I told Johny the truth...I had no money on me.  He sadly shook his head in understanding.  It was like I was frozen there....I couldn't walk away.  I had no money but could not wash my hands of the need.  I told him that I was going to return to my car and see if I had any money there.  


Johny was completely appropriate.  He told me that he would sit right there on the step and wait for my return.  He made no attempt to follow me.  As I walked toward the girls and the van, all I could think about was that this is Easter weekend and I had to do something.  

THEN IT HIT ME!  I checked the mail before leaving for the photo shoot.  I know that sounds strange...stick with me.  I usually do not bring mail to my van.  Something in there eats it and it does not always make it to the house.  On this day, I looked, fully planning to return it to the box until later.  BUT, there were a letters addressed to each of our daughters.  I would recognize that gorgeous hand writing was my fathers.  I knew my parents must have sent our girls something special for Easter.  So, I took it to the van so they could open their mail right away.  Inside those beautifully written letters were ten dollar bills.  

I am sure you are ahead of the game and have guessed where this is going.  As I caught up with the girls I explained that I met Johny and that he is hungry.  I asked if I could borrow their money.  Without hesitation the girls ran for there newly acquired gift.  

Kylee wanted so desperately to return with me and meet Mr Johny.  To her dismay I asked her to stay with the older girls.  

As I approached the steps where I left this gentleman, I noticed he was starting to leave.  I could just imagine how many times he waited for people and they never returned.  As I walked, I prayed that the Lord would give me words to speak truth and love into this broken man.  

When he realized I was returning....he simply glowed.  

Tears were in the corner of his eyes.  

I said you know what today is?  He said, "No, but I know yesterday was good Friday, and tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday.  I beamed..."Yes sure is!  

I asked if I could pray with him and he was quick to agree.  I asked if I could hold his hand as I prayed.  He held our his weathered hand and I held it with my two.  I prayed all that God placed on my heart.  When I finished he was crying.  He apologized, and I said it was all good...I would simply cry with him!  

He said that I am too good and holy and that he is unworthy.  I was quick to assure him that none of us are worthy on our own!  We talked for quite some time and he shared a bit of his heart and that he made mistakes that brought him to his homeless state.  

I pulled out those $10 bills and explained that one is for dinner tonight and the other for him to eat a meal for Easter. 

Without a thought...I gave him a hug.  
He looked at me with tears once again and asked if he could have another one.  
(Please know that it was completely appropriate)

I told Johny that I would be praying for him.  He thanked me over and over.  

As I walked away...

I wondered....

How long could it have been since sweet Johny received a hug.  
So long that he would dare ask for a second?!?

 Friends, I am still humbled by what took place this afternoon!!  God placed me right where I needed to be to bless one in need.  HE took me out of my comfort zone so that I could show love.  

I really have no idea if those two ten dollar bills will be used for food, or something to numb the feeling of being alone for another holiday.  I can tell you honestly...I truly do not care what he used them for.  

Matthew 25:40 says...
‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

I showed my love for Jesus through my love toward Johny today.  
May God continue to stretch and grow me!!!  May I learn to love more each and every day!!

When your eyes are finished can keep scroll down for our photo shoot.  

We decided to begin the day by trying to capture an updated family photo to attach with our dossier.  

Transition lenses DEFINITELY have its flaws!!!

Our gorgeous girls

We will try again when hubby returns from Georgia:)

So...the girls were excited to take photos with all the clothing changes they picked out!!!

There were some out takes....

But we did get some beautiful are a few:)

Love this one...That is how I feel about being in the House OF The Lord!!!

  THEN...after taking their friends home...we went to see OCTOBER BABY!! if I hadn't cried enough for one day.  

I highly recommend it to anyone who has adopted children, are considering adoption, or just want to see a fabulous movie!  The trailer is below:)

Happy Resurrection Sunday ya'll!

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  1. What a beautiful Easter treasure HE gave you this year! It doesn't matter what the man does with the money. The fact is you were obedient to what HE impressed on your heart to do. That's what matters. How precious for your girls to be involved, too! You never know what that seed of kindness will sprout into...eventually. He'll never forget it I'm sure, and neither will HE. "Even as you do unto the least of these, you have done it unto ME."

    Beautiful pics!

    Happy Easter to you and the family,