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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gotcha Day 2012

Most people in the adoption world tend to celebrate the day they "got", "picked up", "met" their child for the first time.  Our journey with sweet Kylee was a bit different as she was in and out of our home a bit, and then there was a long time period before her adoption could be finalized. 

Our Gotcha Day represents the day she legally became part of our family.  
And oh how thankful we are for that!

Yesterday, April 20th marked the anniversary of this tremendous day!  

We began the day by going on a field trip to Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site.

Kylee was able to spend time with a close friend

 As did Mélika

We got out the big guns

 And had some silly reenactment between North and South

We learned much, visited with established friends, and met some new one.  
And...we had much conversation about adoption.  
(my favorite subject next to the greatness of our loving God!)

Later we were joined by my hubby for a special Gotcha Day dinner out.  Kylee's choice for this special dinner was Red Robin...Yum!

She drank her milkshake first!  what else would we do on such a special day?!

Then we shared this tower of onion rings.   

Baby girl, we are so very humbled and blessed that God brought you to our family!  You add sparkle and life to our world and we love you more than words can say!!  


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  2. No way! That's our Familiversary, too! We don't call it "Gotcha Day" but Familiversary! Ours was April 20, 2010. We kept it very low-key this year but still had fun!

    Congrats to your family on celebrating such a wonderful day!