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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

For the Love of Birds

Kylee and our neighbor came running to me this morning announcing there is a bird in the house.  I went to where they had heard the noise but all was quiet.  I assured the girls that our walls are thin and that the bird is outside.  They didn't believe me but we moved on.  

A few minutes later Kylee started screaming for me to come to her.  I sent her to brush her teeth so up the stairs I ran to her vanity area.  As she started screaming again I learned that she was downstairs.   She said that the bird was behind the washer and dryer.  I looked and didn't see or hear anything.  Except for mounds of dust...there didn't seem to be anything out of order. 

You have to understand my baby girl's heart.  She LOVES critters.  Miss Kylee will cry for hours if she sees or knows of an animal in need.  Several years ago in NY I ran over a turtle with the car (I assure you someone else hit it first:)  She still brings it up to this day..."do you remember that little turtle you hit while we were driving to school in NY"?  So, as you can was not starting this morning until  said bird was located and freed!

Well, after some time the bird made itself known by flapping and pecking.  

It was back there...(see the layer of dust...I am so not betty homemaker...and I have come to terms with it)

Inside the flexible dryer piping!

I had no interest of opening it from the inside and having a bird flying around the house.  So out I went to investigate an alternative route.  Have I mentioned that there are 16 steps to enter my front door.  
The dryer vent was up there!!!

The first yellow step ladder was not going to work.  
But the trusty old wooden one did!!

The flap was in the world did he get in there?

I propped it open with a stick, asked Kylee to watch for the exit, and went in to scare said bird back out of the piping.  

She was speechless....TWO of these lovelies flew out!!!  

I was feeling rather proud of myself!  I removed the stick and came back inside to start school. 

A few minutes later as we were jumping into our first subject Kylee heard more flapping and said, 

She went back outside to watch as one of the birds exited once again.  

Seriously!!!  Are they building a nest in there?  

Oh for the love of birds!!!

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  1. I am so laughing at this right now!! Birds are persistent little nest makers no matter what kind of dilemma it gets them into : ) Enjoy your new tenants!