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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Day to Remember

As much is happening in our current lives with hubby loving on littles in Haiti,

trying to jump through the last hoop (training course) to get our dossier to the Philippines,

Praying for the finances to proceed,

Serving in ministry,

And working to finish school for the year.  

Today...we take time to remember! 

Today is the anniversary of our precious baby boy going to be with Jesus.  

Today we remember his birth

And his life.  

Today we thank God for the priceless gift HE gave us, and we rejoice that we will see Jacob again one day in heaven.  


  1. I'm assuming that picture is of Stephane and Melika. What black hair! I hope the day went "well" for you - that it was filled more with sweet memories than of sorrow. These kind of anniversaries are so hard and so lonely. I hope you and the girls could share with each other whatever you were feeling, and I hope Stephane was okay way over in Haiti.


  2. My heart breaks for you and the sadness that surely comes to your heart on days like this one. I know God has given you peace beyond measure and an assurance and hope that one day when you enter those gates, that precious, sweet little face will be there to greet you!