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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Dance!!!!

I am sooooo doing the happy dance right now!!!! 

There is a gal over at Give1Save1 who has devoted her blog to advocating for children and HELPING ADOPTIVE FAMILIES RAISE MONEY TO BRING THEIR CHILDREN HOME.  

We learned about her blog and this fabulous opportunity to fundraise through a sweet friend who is adopting a little boy from Aaron's orphanage.  

ANYWAY... Each week, Give1Save1 posts a video of a family adopting a child from Africa, Haiti, and Asia.  Then the link is shared on Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc...everyone is encouraged to give a dollar (because everyone can give a dollar right!!) 
to save a child.  

The key to success in this fundraiser is to have it go viral.  

To participate you need to make a video and fill out a questionnaire.  

I cannot thank the person enough who made our video!!! 

BECAUSE....We were approved!!!!!  

Our family video will be posted on the give1save1 blog for a week starting 

Thursday, May 31st around 10am!!!

I cannot wait for ya'll to see it!!!

Would you please consider posting the link next Thursday on your blog, Facebook, twitter, or any other social network and ask your friends and family to do the same?  
And, would you consider giving a dollar?

Families have raised between $200 and $6000 in one week!!!  

As I have shared before...I think the part of this adoption that has been the MOST stretching for me has been the finances.  I know God has hand picked our children...and HE will lead us to them.  

I also know that where He guides...He provides.  

But...sometimes it is scary.  We have waited such a long time.  And now that we know who our sweet boy is, we just want to get him home!  

Right now we need $700 to get our dossier (file) to the Philippines.  The next step requires several thousand that we do not have as of yet.  

BUT...God is in control and I am trusting Him to move mountains!!!! dancing!!!

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