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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Full House

We have had a fun couple of days!  

I love love having a houseful of children!  
It certainly helps when the children are polite and easy going:)

  I have had 7 children since Sunday and I am loving every minute of it.

Our extra five (and their parents) are going to be missionaries to Venezuela very soon.  We are hoping that they have the opportunity to meet Aaron before they leave for language school in Costa Rica!

Each time we have large sibling groups just feels right...natural...wonderful.  
It confirms the call to on my heart to have several more children.   

Yesterday we tried cake pops with some of my out-takes from the previous post.  

We learned that the cake balls need be smaller and cooled longer than our patience allowed.    

Today my oldest was at district council with pastors and missionaries from our district.  She was there to support her friend that is doing a 5k for her birthday to raise money to free trafficked girls through 
Project Rescue. 

We were down to 6 children...

so, we added our favorite two year old to our group so her mommy could have a much needed break.

 Are those faces priceless or what!?!  

I finally caught that winning smile!!

This sweet boy walked around with this little one for a very long time.  He has also been emptying the dishwasher, cleaning up after himself, and doing school work WITHOUT being asked.  
His parents can be very proud:)  I embarrassed him by saying that he will make a wonderful husband and father one day.  

  The youngest pumpkin is a snuggle button and Miss Joy certainly LOVES her snuggles!!

We have girls over all the time and are quite accustomed to their silly play...

But the boys...

We don't get to have over as often....

But oh how much fun they add to the mix!  

And how they bless my heart!

We got our gaming groove on again after dinner tonight.

Girls can be silly...

but watch out...they might bite:)

Never a dull moment around here

don't let those smiles fool you...they are up to no good!

As these two certainly are:)

sweet cuddles before bed
Dear Jesus...Please bring our son home soon and continue to grow our family as we seek your will!!!

This Mama is getting VERY anxious!!

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  1. what cuuute pictures of you with the kids!! :)