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Monday, May 28, 2012

Still Dancing!!

Our case worker told us early this past week that our home study was complete, needed to be co-signed and notarized, and we should have it by the end of the week.  

I waited patiently....

ok...I waited....not so patiently:)

It was the last document we need to have a finished dossier (file) to be sent to the Philippines and I was VERY eager to have it completed.  We also need it to apply for some grants:)

By the time Friday came around, I was beside myself to learn if it was completed.  I called our agency about 20 minutes before closing time on Friday.  

I learned so many wonderful things!!!  It was another dance around the house moment!!

Not only was our home study finished and already mailed to us, but OUR DOSSIER WAS SITTING IN THE MAIL BIN TO BE SENT OUT!!!  With the holiday it may not go out until Tuesday, but it is packaged and ready to go!!!  

Also, I learned that the issue with Aaron's birth certificate has been RESOLVED!!  

There were two tidbits of not so good news...but I will rejoice with the good and continue to leave the difficult in God's capable hands.
1.  the Inter Country Adoption Board for the Philippines is backlogged and they are not sending referrals very quickly.
2.  We need to have our I-800A form (United States immigration application that determines our suitability to adopt a child from a Hague convention country) sent immediately with $805.  We cannot get our referral for Aaron without it!!!  

Let me tell you about our faithful God!!!  

We currently owe $700 in agency fees for this leg of the adoption, and need the $805 for the immigration form.

Last week we were blessed with $200 in generous donations.


On Friday we were given $150 towards our fees...and on Sunday we were given $800!!!



Once our referral comes in officially matching us with Aaron...we need the largest chunk of the money...almost $10,000.  

We missed the deadline to send in the application for the JSC foundation grant for June.  Now that we finally have our home study I went online to apply for the large grant we have heard so much about.  Instead of being able to open the application...we were told that they are not accepting applications at this time.  What a difference a week makes!!

After a brief moment of was time to remember that God is completely in control!!
This must not be the avenue that HE has in store for us:)

We have our adoption video airing Thursday for give1save1 and pray that God will miraculously move on our behalf.

We also have a yard sale coming up on June 16th!

And, we are filling out paperwork for other grants.

We seem to still be on track to travel in September.

Oh how I wish I could turn the hands of the clock:)


  1. woooohhooo!!!! EXCITED!!!!!! :)

  2. That is wonderful news! Rejoicing with you!