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Friday, July 27, 2012

Rejoicing part 2...

As I mentioned in the last post...we have MUCH to rejoice about!!!
God's faithfulness is simply overwhelming!!

In this post I want to share about God's faithfulness in another baby girl's life.

Our sweet Kylee returned to our home at the age of four.

At that time she enrolled in a program called Missionettes (now M-Pact)

Over the past 7 years, our pink wearing princess 
not only grew beautiful wrapping paper on the outside...

But she has been growing beautifully on the inside where it really counts!!

I believe whole heartedly that it is a parent's responsibility to grow our children in the ways of the Lord and to be intentional in that responsibility.  It is not the job of the children's pastor or Sunday school teachers to be the primary instructors in our child's spiritual growth.  

That being said...I am so very thankful for the fabulous mentors that have partnered with my husband and I over the years to help our sweet girl become who she is today!!!  

One program that has helped our sweet Kylee grow in the ways of the Lord is M-pact.  
Since she was in preschool, Kylee has been learning biblical truths, memorizing scripture, and discussing topics that are the foundation to our faith.  She has been doing lessons, reading her bible, and  working on projects that help her gain ownership of her beliefs.  

In a few short week, Kylee will be getting into a white dress, pulling on her fancy shoes, and getting her hair done...

She will be escorted to the stage by her Papa and will be crowned "Honor Star" with 8 of her peers.

This week I have been in the process of going back over old photos, pulling out awards, and rejoicing over Kylee, her life, and her accomplishments!!

Our sweet girl has had many obstacles to overcome throughout her 11 years.
But our faithful heavenly father works ALL things together for our good!!!

Kylee Hope,
 you sweet girl are a princess,
daughter to the Most High God!!

You are wanted,
you are loved,
 and you are a priceless gift from the Lord!!

You were delicately knitted in your birthmother's womb
and God has TREMENDOUS plans for your future!!

You have been given fabulous gifts and talents to be used for God's glory!

You have such a sweet love for littles and critters.

And you have a love of justice... refusing to cower in the face of opposition.

God has grown you to be a leader sweet girl.  May you know and embrace your identity in Christ.  May you choose to seek HIM in all your ways.
And May you shine the light of Jesus in a lost and dying world!!

We love you sweet girl and are so very proud of the young lady you are growing to be!!  

And yep, your Mama will probably be tearful as I place that crown on your lovely head...
but they are tears of rejoicing...rejoicing in God's extreme faithfulness!!!!