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Monday, July 9, 2012


We are once again in a stage of preparing...

Preparing to send our baby girl off into God's capable hands!!

Our 15 year old daughter (and 14 other youth and leaders) 
will be leaving for Pavia, Venezuela this Thursday!!  

If you can believe it, this Mama (and Papa) allowed our baby girl to leave the country for the first time to do missions work at the age of 13!  

All I can say is that we had complete peace that it was the right choice for her and that we should encourage her to step out in what Christ was putting on her heart.
Mélika has always had such a sweet, gentle spirit about her.  
And her love for JESUS started at a very young age. 

Her father and I always expected her to go into missions one day...but we worked hard to keep those thoughts and prayers to ourselves.  We want very much for our children to go the path that the LORD leads them...not OUR plans for them.  

Before that particular trip in 2010, Mélika felt that she was called to full time missions.  
During her two weeks in Panama, God confirmed it on her heart.  

Last summer, at the age of 14, our baby girl prepared to travel again.  
A few months before her trip to Nicaragua, Mélika was at the alter following a wednesday night youth service.  She remained there for quite some time crying out and listening to what God was placing on her heart.  Later that evening she shared that she felt called to work with girls that are caught up in human trafficking.  

I will be honest with you....I was not jumping up and down when she shared her heart.  
My first thoughts were about the danger involved and how in the world does she even know about human trafficking.  

Then my thoughts went back to younger years when we were at camp together with her Missionette's group (girls club at church).  All the girls clubs across NY state had raised money to help free girls from slavery and took it to camp.  The NY Missionette representitives praised the girls for raising so much money for freeing children from the bad people, and later she and I spoke vaguely about it to see how much and what she understood. 

 It is so humbling to realize that God had already started preparing my baby girl's heart years before. 
 We have known that we are called to raise warriors for HIS KINGDOM.  
God never promised that they would stay close to the nest or that HIS plan for them would be "safe".  

Then...there was Nicaragua...Summer 2011.

Once again God broke her heart for what breaks HIS!!!  
Mélika has always had a heart for littles, those less chosen, those without a voice.  

But on this trip...our baby girl changed...

I remember so very vividly...we were standing at the airport with a large group of onlookers anxiously waiting to throw our arms around our children once again...

We heard them from afar counting off for the very last time....AIM TEAM COUNT OFF...1,2,3,4... 
I heard her number and knew it was but seconds before our first child would be back in our arms.  

When we saw her walking towards us, Stéphane and I both looked at each other and said at the same time...She has changed, she is no longer the little girl we put on that plane.  
It was as if years passed in weeks.  

We knew instantly that God did a mighty work in her heart and that she would never be the same.  

Mélika spent the 45 minute ride home from the airport sharing the details of her trip.  
THEN, she and I stayed awake into the weeee hours of the morning looking at pictures and hearing the journey in great detail.  

I simply cannot put into words the complete honor and privilege it has been to watch Mélika grow and step out boldly for Christ over the past year.  

She loves much, she gives much, she runs after the Lord much!!  
She has the same passion wether it is for a friend in need, those she volunteers with in the inner city, 
or those half way around the world.  

She knows there are so many who have yet to hear the name of the one true God!!
There are littles who are living in poverty, being harmed, robbed of a childhood and a voice!!
She knows the truth and cannot pretend that she has not heard!!

Baby girl, as you go to Venezuela this week, may you walk boldly in Christ...not looking to the left or to the right, may you know your Father's voice and be ready for the call, may you shine light and love as the beautiful young lady God made you to be since you were knitted, by HIM, in my womb.  

We love you sweet girl and cannot wait to hear how God rocks your world over the next two weeks!!!


  1. tears in my eyes while reading words...just deeply touched. God bless you, Melika!