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Friday, July 27, 2012

Rejoicing part one...

We are in a season of rejoicing in God's faithfulness!!  

Our oldest baby girl has returned home safely...and once again...changed!

We arrived just a few minutes before the group Wednesday evening...

And there were hugs all around!!

 Kylee was excited to have her sister home...
but there was some serious rejoicing when she was handed her souvenir from the trip.
It was a super cool sling shot!!  Oh does Mélika know her sister well!!

After our reunion...and a quick bite to eat....
Mélika went right back into her other love...worship!!

Later, we stayed up until wee hours hearing details of how God moved mightily...
how HE protected our baby girl and her team repeatedly over the two weeks...
and how Mélika's heart was once again broken for what breaks HIS!!

This is the team plus the missionary's three children.  

My beautiful clown!

Much of the communication barrier was crossed with skits.

And they also did some work projects while in Pavia.

Who says work can't be fun?!


 Preparing for another children's program.

Littles that stayed behind after the program to ask Jesus into their heart!!

God has blessed her with the ability to sleep ANYWHERE!!

And I mean ANYWHERE!!

And...Oh her heart for littles!!

One of the sweet littles with his new salvation bracelet:)

The workers are few...and the task impossible in our own strength.  
But when we step out to what God has placed on our heart...
there are no limits to God's faithfulness!!

We welcome her back home knowing that she will venture out of the nest again soon.  
Each time she goes it becomes a bit easier for this Mama to open my arms and send her off 
with my blessing.  

Each time God has confirmed her calling a bit more...
each time she has grown more in the likeness of the warrior princess HE has crafted her to be...
Each time we see the glimmer in her eye as she lives out her calling...
Each time my heart swells with gratitude that our baby girl runs after the LORD and is willing to step out with BOLDNESS!!

So we are thankful for the time we still have with Mélika in our home.  
And we rejoice in God's overwhelming faithfulness!!!

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