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Friday, July 6, 2012

Good Eats!!

I have mentioned on several posts that our schedules have been very busy over the past few months.  

The funny thing is that our world seems to keep on movin' just fine when hubby is busy, 
or the girls are busy with activities.  No one has much complaint.  

Where things were different this time is that Mama was also busy!!

The comments from the kids were priceless...
One said we were so busy she couldn't breathe
One let me know that my schedule was stressing her out

But the MAJORITY of the issues revolved around the fact that I just didn't have time to make yummy homemade food that we are used to!

One of our girls, who would never admit to have said it, made the comment that she is tired of junk food!!  
Yep...actually happened:)

One event that we missed this summer was strawberry freezer jam!  We have been making it faithfully each year since this photo was taken in 2007.  
I hope to try a new flavor this year to help appease the troops.

We usually make bread EACH week.  
We were bread-less for an entire month!!!!  
Don't get me wrong...I bought bread...
but it was either not eaten or there was a murmur of grumbling in the background. 

So, this week the world was once again as it should be...

And...they missed it so much I may need to make a second batch this week!!

Then...there are the jars...
rumor has it that they have been empty!

No one truly knows how long that injustice may have taken might be safe to say that it has been LONGER than a month.  My father may be willing to share how long it has been for the right price.  The neighborhood children may be willing to give that information for free.  
Either way, all is as it should be once again.

You know how it goes...when you start missing something...fond memories of yester years come flying back.  This week Mélika started in with the "remember when you "usta" make homemade granola?" 

Well sweet is your lucky week!

Let's see how long that will last.  

And, what 4th of July is complete without a homemade colorful treat?

This was made out of the last leftover "oops" cakes from the wedding, homemade whipped cream, and berries.  

My next project...homemade yogurt!!!!

Although it certainly was not my intention, this little "experiment" helped me to see that my family does notice our efforts to eat well, and make things from scratch.

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  1. We've been this way the last few weeks...this was our first week NOT busy but with the temps over 100* the thought of running the oven makes me want to cry! Then we're heading to China in a few weeks (Lord willing) and will be gone for 3 weeks with them here at home. I'm truly hoping to get things in the pantry and freezer stocked up well.