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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good Ole Lazy Sunday

Oh how I love me a good Sunday!!!  We had a great morning in church followed by a lazy afternoon.  Mélika and pooch were enjoying the jokes in Reader's Digest...

 And Kylee was playing with some special horses.  

This is the girl we know and love...90% of the photos I take of her turn out this way...what a silly goose!

We had some special visitors (that would rather remain nameless) that blessed our girls with belated Christmas gifts!  

Several envelopes containing... 

You guessed!  The girls are excited about round 2 of after Christmas shopping!!

Then we had a visit from our favorite toddler!!!  
Oh yeah...her parents came too but dodged most of my photos:)   

Don't ya just want to take a chunk out of those gorgeous cheeks!!!  

The pink team!!

Ok...this was a priceless moment!!  Kylee was on the floor and miss Neely plopped down for a rest.   

We have been asked how we are doing with the disappointing news about the twins.  My honest, quick answer is this...we hurt...but know God has great plans for our future.  Please pray that we will have wisdom and discernment as to how to proceed at this point.  


  1. AWWWHH!!!<3

    & ill keep praying!!<3(:

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